Things to Consider Before Resigning and Choosing to Stay Home

Mommy Mia, Daddy Reggie 
and baby Kael
I have always dreamt of doing all the things that a mother should be doing for her baby such as putting him to sleep, feeding him, playing all day night and later on bringing him to school. In other words, witnessing all the milestones first hand and being physically present in my child’s formative years. So, I was thrilled when I found out that I was pregnant on the 6th month of my marriage. Yes! We will have a baby!

When I gave birth, I was overwhelmed. It hit me, it is not easy! Every 30 minutes my baby would cry and breastfeed. All of a sudden my life changed. I was recovering from my CS section and there was this part of me that I wanted to go back to the corporate world. I want my life back.

When my baby turned three (3) months old, I started working again in the corporate. There were moments when I go home late or bring work at home. Partly there was this sense of achievement because I am growing in my career and at the same time my baby is still exclusively taking breastmilk. It is not easy to be a breastfeeding mom but I could not help but explain sometimes,Wow, I can do it!

However, there was a point in my career when I felt divided. I can’t seem to be convinced that this is what I really want. My baby is growing and every day I fall in love with him even more. The corporate work demands are getting bigger but I also know my son needs my full attention.
The Realization…

There was an opportunity for me and my husband to go to the US for a vacation. We brought our 10 month old baby for his first plane ride. We hopped from different states in East and West Coast. It was a crazy idea and admittedly challenging. I would say the most challenging stint of me being a mother- physically, mentally and emotionally. In those weeks,my son and I areinseparable but I felt this inner joy, peace and success that never in my life have I felt in the corporate world. I am literally doing all the work as a mother without a helper and I am immensely happy. Yes, this is what I want.

Some things to consider…

Being in the corporate or a home maker are noble jobs.  Sometimes due to circumstances both spouses have to work. The following guidelines below help me decide to work from home to have more flexible schedule for my family:

1) What is your vision for the family?

2) If you stay in a full time job such as full time employment in the corporate world, will it help you achieve your family goals?

3) How do you see yourself five (5) years from now? A successful career woman or homemaker or entrepreneur mom?

4) Are you afraid to leave the corporate world or try exploring work from home jobs because you feel what your spouse will not make enough income? Or you have to make some sacrifices such as your lifestyle might because it might change and you are not ready for it?

5) You have sideline/part –time job but continue to be employed because you are scared that it might not work if you leave your full time job. But did you realize that you can increase your earning potential if you give your 100% in your part-time job because you will have more time to think creative ways to earn?

6) Have you tried not getting anything from your salary to explore that your spouse’s income and your part time work might suffice?

7) Do you have a support group such as entrepreneur moms? Where are they now? Do you realize that you can also be like them as long as you have the courage to try?

8) What is your emotional why? Why are you doing all these?

9) Have you ever thought that you can always go back in your full time employment when your child starts going to school?

My friend, you have to face your fears and know what you want. With all the decision that you and your husband make, pray about it. Babies grow so fast like a time bomb. As soon as they reach their teenage years, they would want to discover things on their own or with their friends. Maximize the time that your child is still dependent on you so that when the time comes  that your child decides to start a new chapter in his/her life without you, it would be easier for you to let go even if painful.

I left the corporate world and honed my entrepreneurial skills to have more time with my family. My income now is definitely bigger more than what I get in the corporate world. The decision to leave a full time job help me uncover the things I never thought I could do.  What makes it more rewarding? I have more time for my son and husband.

About the Author:
Mia is an events entrepreneur and financial consultant. She is a breastfeeding advocate as well. Her ultimate dream is to be the best wife and mother to her family.

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