The Woman Behind the SaYa Baby Carrier

January 12, 2016
Buding with her kids
Our inspiring mom feature is the woman behind the SaYa Baby Carrier.

Her name is Buding Aquino-Dee. She has 3 kids namely Tommy - 16, Colby - 8 and Arie - 6.

She wittingly states that her designation is the Head Mom of Roots Wings Inc., the mother company of SaYa Baby carrier and Blissfulbabes Nursing items, which she started in 2007.

Needless to say, she is an advocate of breastfeeding and babywearing.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I guess you could say that I am a very entrepreneurial kind of a person. While in grade school, I already started selling personalised stationaries (we owned a printing press back then) and doing pretty well! This boosted my confidence. The language of marketing came very naturally for me, I was always presenting something, making it look like something people wanted and needed. I had many ideas and I just did them!

So, fast forward into adult life…I tried to work for others, but I knew I would find most fulfilment and challenge by being self employed. I am a ball of creativity and somehow, I also have the type of personality that enjoys seeing something made from concept to completion. And owning my own business has allowed me to dip my hands (and feet hahaha) into all aspects of business. It’s such a stimulating environment for me.

Then came motherhood and my children now inspire me to succeed. I want to build something that can be a legacy to them. I also want to create an environment where they see that being a stay at home mom is something positive and rewarding. Hopefully, it can positively mold their opinions about working and motherhood. :)

What’s the best part of being a mom entrepreneur?
Your priorities are set, you are a mom first and an entrepreneur second. Mom-preneur not Entrepe-mom, lol!

What is the biggest challenge you faced as a mom entrepreneur?
Finding good support staff. It’s important for me to relate to them as family, to get their loyalty and faith, despite being such a “small fish”. So I needed people who shared the same values and had the discipline to stay professional despite the fact that everything was home based. And sometimes, they see me in house clothes doing personal projects with my kids. I practice “smallering” and so my mindset about business is not so typical. The decisions I make aren’t bottom-line or profit-driven and my staff understand this.

How do you balance work and family time?
It’s not balanced for me..I need to choose to spend more time with the kids, which is HARDER. Work is a refuge for me actually hahaha At work, I’m the boss…with my kids, yes I am the adult but they are a lot harder to “manipulate” and I can’t simply assign them tasks. The amount of guidance and hand holding is a lot more with the kids. Oh and weekends are SACRED. No work, please. It’s our time to strengthen bonds and make family memories.

How do you see yourself in the future?
Happily plugging away, trying to do my part in making a difference in society. For me, it’s through motherhood, because it was in motherhood that I discovered breastfeeding and babywearing. These are my advocacies and they can even be viewed as apostolates for me now. I want to be at a place where I know I am doing what I should be doing to raise happy children and good members of society…and it al begins with breastfeeding and baby wearing.

Any tips for moms thinking of starting a business?
Foster that seed. Go from thinking to doing. You must take the first step. Seek support. You can’t do things alone. Pray about it, discern. In the end, choose to commit and apply love to all your decisions.

What's your advise/message to new moms?
To new moms….enjoy this momentous time! Breastfeed, babywear…attach yourselves to your babies. They are only babies once. And whatever trials, hassles, obstacles you may feel as a new mom, this will soon pass as well. There are no mistakes or regrets, only lessons learned. Motherhood is a vocation and when God ordains, He sustains <3

What are your top 3 recommended must haves for moms? Why?
1. A SaYa carrier - duh. hahaha
2. A Blissfulbabes Nursing Bandeau - so versatile…transforms ANY outfit into a nursing top.
3. Prayer time - time for silence, alone time with God. This is the perfect ME time for someone to reflect, renew and recharge.

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