Product Review: Baby K'Tan

January 03, 2016
By Karla Lozano

Carrier Review: Baby K'Tan
Type: Wrap, K'tan Cotton

Material: Cotton

Available Sizes: Female - XS to XL, Male S to XL (they have online size calculator)

Recommended Baby Age: Birth to 3 yo

Price: Php 2,750

Retailer: My Baby Dragon

Bought it before I gave birth as I was determined to try attachment parenting. I have been using it since my son was 3 months til now that he's 2 yo (but I can't carry him for prolonged periods).

*Helpful especially during travels and chores.
*Easy to use. You can do it on your own. It takes me a minute to put him in. Great for fussy babies!
*Easy to clean. Just drop it in the washing machine when it gets soiled or it feels loose. Shape will return after wash.
*Easy to store. The stabilizer acts as the pouch (2-in-1!) I just put the carrier in the pouch and place in my bag or stroller. Very light and compact. Tip: You can wear it as a scarf!

*Material is tropical climate friendly. It won't make your baby sweat.
*Could be used as breastfeeding cover though I didn't try it. Still used a nursing cover when needed.
*Multiple possible carrying positions and they're easy to try. Though I'm partial to Hug.
*Variety of carrier materials

*As baby got heavier, usage became shorter and shorter.
*I think they only offer solid colors (mine is green) and few prints. No fancy or cute prints.
*It's body type sensitive. I can't share it with my husband or other relatives and friends. There were times when I just wanted to share but couldn't😓

Just wanted more support especially now that my son's a toddler. But overall a great carrier!

About the Author:
Karla Lozano is a mom to a talkative and happy toddler and proud wife of a techie guy. She knows that happiness can be found in a good book, hot coffee and loving family.

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