I am Happy to be In!

January 03, 2016
By Dette Zulueta

SaYa is my first ever carrier. My friend lent hers to me and it was love at first "use." 

SaYa is a wrap-type (hybrid) baby carrier that is made up of two pouches uniquely linked together to form one unit. 

I usually follow the pretzel way of wearing the baby with a SaYa. For me it is the easiest way to babywear without annoying her or making her cry. In just two steps, my baby and I are ready to go anywhere. 

I love wearing a SaYa because it enables me to have available hands and arms to multitask. I actually get to wash the dishes, eat dinner/lunch, sterilize bottles, tinker on my Ipad while wearing my baby. 

It also allows me to rest my arms without putting my baby down. I just wear her and let my upper body carry the weight. It is comparable to when I am wearing a backpack. Weight is distributed evenly and baby feels light. 

I also like the SaYa because it is cold to wear. My baby and I rarely perspire while using it. 

I highly recommend the SaYa for moms who have newborns and for babywearing newbies since it is easy to use, cold to wear and affordable (Price ranges from PHP 900 to PHP1500 only). Moms may choose from the SaYa SSK, VTB or the Marble - all types come in various colors and prints. 

Moms will surely get their money's worth with this carrier. :) 

About the Author:  
Dette Zulueta is a mom to a chinita #babyZ and wife to Geoff. 
She advocates the celebration of love, life and the family.

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