The Road to Mindfulness

February 13, 2016
By Dette Zulueta

As a young and new mom, I have my own share of ups and downs. I am still in transition from being solely a wife to a wife-mom status. I can definitely say with full sincerity - the struggle is real as regards motherhood.

But now, after the Mindful Mom Re-treat, I think I am more equipped. I am definitely standing up and beginning again. And I am looking forward to a more meaningful motherhood journey, full of optimism and hope.  

Thank you so much Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo for inviting me to the Mindful Mom Re-treat. Thanks too to Michelle Alignay for facilitating the workshop. Thanks so much for helping me put into perspective all my worries, stresses and guilt. 

After this workshop, I realized that oftentimes, I just have to learn to accept and let go of some things. I just need to pause and breathe. I just need to take some time out and reflect. I just have to declutter my mind and heart so it can accommodate and give more love. 

Forward, I move on to be a more mindful person, a more mindful mom - a better mom.  :)

P.S. The swag bag is love. The goodies inside made me excited to begin again my frequently delayed selfcare agenda. Again, thank you so much!

About the Author:  
Dette Zulueta is a mom to a chinita #babyZ and wife to Geoff. 
She advocates the celebration of love, life and the family. 

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