Learning through Play Workshop + Crayola Washable Crayons Review

By Dette Zulueta

Ogalala World recently collaborated with Millennial Moms PH to organize a child developmental workshop that aims to teach parents how to facilitate the learning of their child through play.

Mommy Liz Esteban, one of the workshop attendees, shares with us her child's experience of the workshop:

Attending the Ogalala World workshop was a chance for Saab to interact with other kids. I was also happy how it turned out because I was also able to confirm that she is a visual learner. I got to know what kinds of toys to get her too because I know it would work for her in terms of learning through playing. Thank you for this kind of playdates because my kids can spend play time with other kids so I know it helps their social skills.

Select workshop attendees received Crayola Washable Crayons as part of their tokens. Below are the testimonials given by 3 millennial moms about the new Crayola Washable Crayons which their kids got.

Mommy Tely:
I love the Crayola Washable Large Crayons!  A while ago, my daughter wrote on her white plastic table and I panicked until I realized that she used her new Crayola washable crayons!  Tried to wipe them off and there were no stains left! 
My daughter loves using them too because of the size...not too large but not too small -- easy to grip, making it easier for her to control the crayons.  So for the very first time she was able to color within the lines with only little strokes outside the lines. I am so happy!

Because of the "biggie" size, they do not break easily too since they are larger and thicker than the regular crayons we bought before.

My daughter also has non-washable crayons of a different brand but she got frustrated with them because the colors are faint when applied on paper.  But the Crayola ones, though they are washable, are very vibrant and have good or "heavy" coverage, requiring little effort for my toddler to apply the colors on paper.

Mommy Kyla Gueta: 

My daughter really loves coloring even if she does not know yet how to do it well. She always carries her Crayola around the house and I am not bothered nor worried if she draws on our walls - thanks to its washable feature.

Mommy Abigail Nepomuceno-Brion:
My daughter and I love Crayola's washable crayons. But I especially love it because I can easily remove the markings from Thea's hands after use. At Thea's young age (2 years old), she loves coloring our walls and chairs. But I do not need to worry too much because I just have to wipe it with damp cloth and voila, the markings are gone.

Should you wish to visit Crayola heaven and to know more about the other products of Ogalala World such as Pigeon, Safety 1st, Elle among others, visit their store at  Level 4 East Wing, Shangri-La Mall, EDSA Mandaluyong City.

About the Author:
Dette Zulueta is a mom to a chinita #babyZ and wife to Geoff.
She advocates the celebration of love, life and the family.   

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