Tips for Aspiring Work-at-Home Moms

April 06, 2016
By Tely Gomez of Thank God for Kids

Tely with her family

A lot of women nowadays are venturing into home-based work especially after giving birth and finding the need to be the one to nurture the home and children.   

So if ever you are one who is in the same situation, and is thinking of taking the path of being a work at home mom either temporarily or long term, here are a few tips I would like to share with you based from my experience:

1. Identify your skills
Identify skills that you can use for your home-based work and make the most out of them.  Put to use existing ones, and develop those that you think have the most potential.

For me, it started while I was pregnant with my first child.  I had a delicate pregnancy then and was on bed rest for the first three months.  So to pass the time in between nausea and boredom, I would sometimes read, draw, or sew in bed.

Until one day, I thought of making some owl stuffed toys for my baby and then eventually hair accessories too.  And then it hit me.  I realized I have always enjoyed creating things with my hands!  That was how “Thank God For Kids” came about. 

Maybe you got something about yourself too that you have not discovered yet.  So make sure to explore and do not be afraid to try new things out.  After all, you never know until you try.

2. Work around the schedule of your little one

Your working time would greatly depend on your kid’s age and activities.  Say, if you have a preschooler, your working times would most probably be during the hours your kid is at school.  Or if you have a toddler, you might want to schedule doing your home-based business during your kid’s sleeping times.

You might also want to consider working in shifts as you juggle between your home-based work and household chores. I usually do my home-based work in three shifts.  One in the morning before my daughter wakes up, one in the afternoon during her nap time, and another after I put her to sleep at night. 

Observe which hours or which time block of the day you are most productive so you could adjust your schedule accordingly.  Maybe you are the type who is more productive at night when everyone is asleep and everything is quieter and calmer.

Then, maybe it might be wise for you to nap in the afternoon with your child to get some extra hours of sleep, and then work more hours at night.

3. Set a schedule but expect interruptions
Setting a schedule makes major tasks easier to manage and accomplish. But do not be too rigid about it and allow some flexibility for instances when unpredictable interruptions from your child happen.  For instance, while in the middle of work, your child may suddenly wake up and need your attention.  Set your priorities.  Tend to your child first and continue working once settled down.

A daily routine is also helpful in setting expectations.  When you have a set routine to follow, your child will eventually get accustomed to it and it would be easier for you to plan your schedule and tasks for the day.  And in no time, both of you will get the timing and rhythm of things.

4. Get out of the house
Getting out of the house can be difficult for stay at home moms especially those with small children.  It can really get a little lonely if you are confined within the perimeters of your own home for quite some time.  

So to avoid being depressed and burnout, I suggest scheduling some time out for yourself.  Your “me” time can be as simple as catching some sunshine, getting some breath of fresh air, or walking around the block in your village. 

Socialize with people aside from the members of your household.  Catch up with some old friends or join online groups that share the same interest as yours. There are a lot of groups on Facebook alone. These online groups sometimes schedule meet ups so members could get to know each other in person and share ideas and tips.  Attend events, workshops, or seminars related to your home-based business.  By this, you not only gain new insights, but also gain new friends, clients, or mentors, and expand your business network. 

So there, I hope these simple tips would somehow be of help to you in your journey of becoming or being a work at home mom.  

About the Author:
Tely Gomez is a work at home mom who loves to make pretty things all day.  Check out her creations at

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