My Very Own #TulaMoment

July 29, 2016
By Dette Zulueta
When I became a mother, babywearing was one of the mom advocacies I successfully embraced and practiced.

Why? Simply because it made my life as a mom easier. Babywearing facilitated everything for me. During the times my baby cannot sleep, I wear her. When we travel, I wear her. When we shop, I wear her. When I do the chores, I wear her. I basically relied on my baby carrier more than the yaya and and the stroller.

Thus, when I had the chance to try out the Tula Carrier, I immediately grabbed the opportunity not only because I love babywearing but also because I was wondering why a lot of moms are raving about their #TULAmoments and #TULAlove. I secretly wanted one too but given the price (and since I already have another carrier) and the lack of information about it made it hard for me to justify a Tula purchase.

Join me as I review the highly coveted Tula Baby Carrier - and we just might be convinced that this carrier is for us too.

Product Description
From the Tula Baby Carrier website, it says that their product:
- Can be used in both front and back carry
- Can be used from 15-45 pounds (baby sized carriers) and 25–60 pounds (toddler sized carriers)
- Can be used from birth with the use of the revolutionary Tula Infant Insert (optional accessory)
- Provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body
- Includes a removable hood to support baby’s head while asleep, protect from sun or wind, and allow for comfortable breastfeeding
- Includes a front pocket for storing on-the-go necessities
- Is hand made from 100% ├ľko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton

My Review
In my short love affair with the Tula Baby Carrier, below are the five things I liked about it:

1. It is very easy to use. Wearing it is simply a no-brainer activity. It is like wearing a backpack - that may be carried in front or at the back.  The straps are easy to be buckled or unbuckled. The straps may also be easily tightened or loosened. The Tula is best for moms on-the-go who want things done in a short span of time.

2. It automatically decreases the real feel of the baby's weight. It evenly distributes the weight and does not strain the body. One's shoulders and waist hardly feel any pressure or pain since the shoulder and waist straps have thick padding. The Tula makes carrying a baby easier and more manageable most especially if you are the type of mom who is out and about or is usually multitasking.

3. It facilitates the optimal positioning of babies in the carrier. I need not worry of the risk of hip dysplasia or the baby falling off the carrier. By simply using a Tula, all the optimal positioning checklist below specified by Babywearing International are easily achieved. This checklist ensures that the baby is always safe in a baby carrier. 

4. It has lots of designs to choose from. They have designs for boys and girls as well as neutral designs. 

5. It is flexible. It may be worn by parents of varied sizes. It can be easily adjusted so it fits anyone. Thus, a carrier used by a petite mom, may also be used by a more muscular, bigger dad.

Having enumerated all these likable attributes of the Tula Baby Carrier, I may say that the Tula is one product that is worth the investment. Baby's comfort and safety, parent's comfort as well as ease of usage are important factors to consider and the Tula baby carrier has passed them all in flying colors.

Now, that my baby just turned one, I am eyeing to get a Tula in toddler size and my top three design preferences are these:

And before I forget, the design in the middle is made of mesh. So those who are particular about the heat factor or for those who easily perspire or feel very warm may like this since the mesh material allows more air to pass through.

So are you convinced? Interested? Or still has some doubts? I highly suggest you get in touch with the CEO Emporium, the exclusive distributor of Tula Baby Carriers in the Philippines. CEO Emporium is owned by a trustworthy Filipina mom entrepreneur named Candy Oanes. Simply send her a PM in the Facebook Page of CEO Emporium or via the contact us page of the CEO Emporium website so she can assist you in your babywearing needs (not to mention, she also sells other baby carrier brands and super nice diaper bags!!!).

And if you will ask me why should you buy from an authorized seller and not from other resellers. Well, my answer is - for peace of mind. This will free you of worries and doubts and will give you assurance that the product you are purchasing is brand new and without any defects.

If you are new to babywearing and would want to give it a try, I encourage you to join the Babywearing Philippines support group in Facebook. The babywearing community is composed of moms who are very able and willing to help, to engage and to discuss with other moms as regards their babywearing queries and concerns.

About the Author:
Dette Zulueta is a mom to a chinita #babyZ and wife to Geoff.
She advocates the celebration of love, life and the family.  

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