Quick Fix to your Laundry Blues: The wash-dry-fold-repeat is the most fun and relaxing chore right now

August 22, 2016
By Katrina Castaneda

One can't escape the task of washing clothes daily, weekly or even monthly. But for moms like us who has a lot of things going on in a day, the only thing we'd wish for is for us to find comfort and convenience in finishing our errands as quickly as possible. There are many laundry services but if you're one who is maselan and would still want to do laundry on your own, then you're gonna love what Quicklean has in store for you.

Quicklean is the first self-service laundromat chain in the Philippines which started in 2011. It has blossomed to 30 branches in and out of Metro Manila and are continuing to expand as they start to welcome franchisees. Open from 7am to 10pm, and some other branches are even open 24 hours, you can inject laundry schedule whatever time is most convenient for you.

What makes Quicklean stand out?

1. Location
We checked out their Esteban Abada branch and since it was situated near my house, I was able to get to the store in less than ten minutes. Most of their clients were students from the nearby colleges and moms from the villages around the area.

2. Warm staff
For a newbie like me, I was happy that their staff gladly entertained my inquiries and assisted me in finishing my laundry.

3. Easy steps to follow
It's as simple as how we do laundry at home but Quicklean created a systematic approach in making sure that steps are followed by designating areas for washing, drying and folding clothes. 

First, we weighed the laundry I brought and was assigned to the machine where you can load up to 8 kilos of clothes. Next, you have to put the laundry soap and fabcon or you can buy it from the store if you don't have one. I had to wait 36 minutes for my heavy load and 24 minutes for the light ones.

After that I was told to proceed to the drying section where again they have different machine sizes depending on the load. It will take you around 24 minutes to finish drying up. I chatted with my friend in their comfy sofa and I didn't even notice that it was already time to get my clothes!

In the folding area, two clean tables are readily available for arranging and packing away your laundry. They also have iron service if you wish to for a certain cost. I think the whole laundry time took me 1 hour and 20 minutes only just in time for lunch and other afternoon errands.

4. Modern look
Depending on the bulk of your laundry, you will be staying there for at least about an hour. That's why Quicklean created a cozy place for their clients. They have bright lighting which gives the place a more sophisticated look, the floor is kept clean at all times, and couches are comfy and modern. What I like best are their fun and unique logos related to laundry which speaks to the customers alone. Did we mention that they also have free Wi-Fi?


5. Efficiency and quality
With the rainy weather and traffic, things can be quite unpredictable even if you’ve already planned out your day. The best thing about this service is that you know you will be able to finish it at a certain time. I highly recommend trying out the service of Quicklean for moms, or even individuals who'd like to get their laundry done at the least amount of time without sacrificing quality. Take note that they're using Speed Queen and these are heavy duty and reliable laundry machines you can really count on.

What's next for Quicklean?
For aspiring entrepreneurs or mompreneurs, this one is your best bet. As mentioned above, Quicklean is now opening its doors to those who'd like to franchise the laundromat chain. From store design, machine installation and usage, to digital marketing support, the group will be happy to assist franchisees and give them peace of mind that their store will run smoothly all year round. To know more about Quicklean and their latest updates, visit www.quicklean.com.ph.

About the Author: 
Katrina Castaneda is an Early Childhood educator, a freelance writer for magazines and websites, and a soon-to-be mom of two. Teacher Kat graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Teaching Early Grades (TEG) from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She was a class adviser in Ateneo de Manila Grade School and English teacher in Singapore. She also worked as a magazine editor and still a contributing writer for websites. Teaching will always be her first love but parenting and joining the community of other millennial moms is on top of her list as well. ;)


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