Tips when Transporting Breastmilk

August 18, 2016
By Karen Pacia of The Project Mommyger

From time to time, my job requires me to travel abroad. Since I breastfeed (and I get extremely sad when I am away from my baby), it is a must for me to continue expressing milk to make sure that my baby always has adequate supply at the same time to ensure that my breast milk supply does not drop.

To help other moms who also frequent traveling, I would like to share some useful tips when I need to transport breast milk:

  1. Get a Breast Milk Storage System. In my case, I got the Ameda Cool N' Carry. Each set only costs USD30 (Php1,500) and contains an insulated nylon carry bag, 6 pieces of 4 oz bottles, 3 freezer gel packs, and storage instructions card. I also bring to sets of storage bags that fit around 60-70oz whenever I am away for about 3 days. The good thing with this is it is discreet and it can protect your milk from spoilage for up to 10 hours. Alternatively, you can also get an insulated bag and freezer gel packs at malls. I got a set from SM Makati (Coleman brand) for June's baby food when we travel locally. It works well too. 

  2. Check the guidelines for carrying/checking-in breastmilk at the airport (and country) you are going to. Print them because some security agents are not so accommodating (some would even demand you to throw your milk). Each one is different - US airports allow breastmilk as carry-on and it does not have to be in 100ml containers. You do not even need to have the baby with you. Other countries require you to check-in anything in excess of 100ml and they are stricter when you are not flying with your baby (Like in Singapore and Thailand). 
  3. Make sure to ask for a room with a freezer when you book your hotel. If they do not have any, just request them to place your storage system in their freezer.
  4. Get a breast pump that has an option to be battery-operated. This is especially helpful if you need to pump at the airport and there is no baby care or breastfeeding lounge. I use Medela Swing Maxi and my husband got me 6 rechargeable AAA batteries (I am planning to get Spectra 9 next time so I would not have to bring rechargeable batteries anymore).
  5. Make sure to declare that you are carrying breast milk or breast pumps at checkpoint areas . Should they want to inspect it, request them to change into hygienic gloves to prevent contamination.
I hope these would be beneficial to you as it is beneficial to me. Luckily,  whenever I travel, my milk production almost doubles (maybe because thinking and looking at my baby's pictures triggers the Let Down). Happy traveling!

About the Author:
Karen Pacia is a Quality Lead of a FMCG Company and also the owner of The Project Mommyger, an online store offering innovative products to make parenting more fun. Aside from her work, she enjoys sharing her adventures and misadventures as a first time mom. Blogging is a major stress buster for her as she gets to learn tips and tricks from other parents as well as share the stuff she discovers about motherhood and parenting.

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