Wonderful Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly

September 09, 2016
By Berlin Domingo of Momi Berlin

This momi has a night ritual that she has been doing for two decades now. And I attest to the positive effect it has on her. First of all, she has such soft heels she worries not if she uses her wedge or stilettos every day. Furthermore, she knows her heels are protected. They remain soft despite prolonged standing on hard floors or wearing tight shoes. Every night, just before bedtime and after her bath, she applies Vaseline pure petroleum jelly on her heels. And if to compare to her one-year-old baby's heels, hers are not too far behind.

My two-decade old sleeping socks and a jar of Vaseline pure petroleum jelly.
I find Vaseline pure petroleum jelly perfect for hydrating my feet. First, I just slather my feet a substantial layer of Vaseline. Then I put on my sleeping socks before retiring to bed.

That's our feet. Mine at the middle with Vaseline pure petroleum jelly then covered with socks.

To have its full effect, I apply the petroleum jelly after having my shower.  It excellently traps the moisture on the skin.  To add, I learned from my readings that the oil spread throughout the skin.   The oil then helps keep the skin soft and supple.

Aside from working its wonders as a shield to prevent my feet from chapping, here are a few other uses of Vaseline pure petroleum jelly:

Dab Vaseline pure petroleum jelly on your pulse points before you spray your favorite perfume. You can also rub some on your neck.  As a result, you will notice that the scent last longer or even for the entire day.

My lips get darker.  Maybe, the possible culprit is the ingredient from the lipsticks I use. Seeing the wonderful effect of the petroleum jelly on my heels, I tried it on my lips.  I used it at night as a lip balm.  The next day, I felt my lips softer and smoother.  I use it regularly now and noticed the improvement on my lips.  My lip color lightens.

Yup.  I got some lipstick marks on my shirt.  I tried rubbing Vaseline pure petroleum jelly onto the stained part before washing.  And believe me, petroleum jelly can be real powerful in stain removal.
There are surely more uses of Vaseline pure petroleum jelly.  I haven't tried them all yet, but I believe in its wonder.  It wouldn't be considered as a miracle jelly for nothing.

So the next time you visit your favorite drug store or supermarket, do not forget to grab some bottles of Vaseline pure petroleum jelly.  Most stylists and beauty experts consider it as their perfect all-inclusive product.

Oh, by the way, my baby had a bad diaper rash the other day. I applied a few Vaseline pure petroleum jelly on his bottom.  And yes, you got it right.  No more rashes or red marks.  Petroleum jelly is recommended as a protectant and an alternate treatment for diaper rash, too.

About the Author:

Momi Berlin is a stay-at-home mom to four beautiful boys.  She also blogs at www.momiberlin.com.  She mostly writes personal narratives, mommy tips, and thrilling discoveries to make daily life the happiest.


  1. Petroleum jelly is really effective to moisturize dry skin and cracked lips. I also used petroleum on my Zd's rashes.

  2. Agree Melisa! I super love Petroleum Jelly since it can be used to heal various boo-boos. :)


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