Wonderworld Trix Tracks Spin and Swirl Review

September 25, 2016
By Karla Lozano

Saying there are a lot of toys in the market is an understatement. You do not call a toy store "kingdom" for no reason. Prices can range from few pesos to thousands. But at the end of the day, you do not want the new toy you bought to be shelfed or worse... destroyed.

With Sherrie Siy of Discovery Depot

The lifespan of most toys we have is as long as my son's attention --really quite short. He presses buttons on toys with awe which would not last long. So when I chanced upon Discovery Depot Philippines at Mommy Mundo Expo I was intrigued. Got to talk to Sherrie Siy of Discovery Depot and we discussed how toys should be used - that they should push creativity and thinking. She had a good point. The toys they offer were made of quality materials. I was attracted by the tracks since my son was starting to get into cars. The price was quite higher compared to the ones I typically buy but considering the things we discussed, I decided to buy it (though I asked her if I can buy the display and she gave it with much discount. Totally pleased!)

Fast forward to one year, the toy's still alive and my son still plays with it! Yes, we lost a ball but the track is intact and looks almost the same as when bought. The paint is not faded. The wood and plastic do not have cracks. And my son was able to change the tracks based on his mood or intention. For the price of one, I feel like I have bought multiple toys.

I recommend the Wonderworld Trix Tracks Spin and Swirl  for the following reasons:

1. Quality material
It is made of wood, food grade plastic, non-toxic and water-based paint.

2. Ability to change the set up or configuration
 It feels like a new toy every time. This also facilitates thinking. You or your kid has to think of how to put together the parts to achieve a goal in mind.

3. Encourages bonding time
 My son is just 3 years old and as much as he would like to do things on his own, his imagination is just bigger than him. My husband and I help him accomplish his ambitious plans.

4. Attractive It is attractive not only to my son but also to my husband and I. Important as you also have to want a toy enough to play with it as long as possible.

5. Expandable

I know this is a tactic to increase sales but I appreciate a toy that can link with other versions to form a kingdom. Wonderworld Trix Tracks Spin and Swirl can work with other models to form a complex track.

I always recommend it to mom and dad friends whenever the topic of playing and toys come up. The price might seem daunting but the value is worth every peso.

For those who are interested, the Wonderworld Trix Trax Spin & Swirl may be purchased online via www.thediscoverydepot.com. It is reasonably priced at Php 2,399.

About the Author:
Karla Lozano is a mom to a talkative and happy toddler and proud wife of a techie guy. She knows that happiness can be found in a good book, hot coffee and loving family.

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