What Millennial Moms Say About Coobie?

October 27, 2016
From left to right: Meg and her family,  Myca and her baby, Karla and her son, Marie and her family
Coobie is a US label of intimate apparel that redefines ultra-comfort, superior support and affordability. From the shores of North Carolina to the Philippines, Coobie is the answer to the Filipina woman’s search for the ultimate go-to bra that combines stylish versatility, affordable elegance and perfect fit to almost all body sizes.

Four millennial moms had a chance to try the Coobie and check if indeed it delivers the claim that it’s the ultra-comfortable bra:

MEG MURFF TRINIDAD, a mom of four kids, ages 8 down to 1 year old. Breastfeeding mom, full-time working mommy teacher.

MARIE MACAPAGAL-GALANG, a full time mom to two lovely daughters, and a lucky wife to a supportive husband.

KARLA LOZANO, mom to a talkative preschooler and married to techie guy.

MYCA QUIMPO, stay at home mom to 1 beautiful daughter who is now 10 months old.

Let's see what these moms have to say about the Coobie as regards STYLE, SUPPORT and COMFORT.

I liked the nude shade, the just-right cups, and the fact that it didn't have underwire. I recommend Coobie Seamless Bra to mommies on the go! Perfect to wear with fitting shirts.

After breastfeeding my eldest for almost two years and now still breastfeeding my one year old, I need a bra that gives me everything- support, style and comfort, and at the same time supports my "need for me-time." I'm thankful for the very versatile style of COOBIE Scoopneck, it's one less thing to think of. The slim and detachable straps make it more stylish, and sexy. Though I hope there's an additional inch or two to the straps. But my COOBIE suffices for all my mom and woman needs for a bra.

After giving it a try I still had worries since it wasn’t too flattering. I gave it a shot and tried it when I did moderate workout. To say that I was amazed was an understatement. I liked the coverage, support and simplicity.

Just by looking at and touching the material of the Coobie bra, I can say that the quality looks really good compared to other nursing bras I have tried. It looks sturdy and I like it. I also like the fit when I first tried it on.

I quite liked the Coobie Seamless Bra. True to what other women have claimed, it was comfortable to wear. It gave me the right kind of support I needed.

Every woman knows that a bad bra can give you shoulder pain, headache, back pain, or just plain irritating. Nothing feels good than a bra with the right support. Nothing feels more secure than a snug strap. Coobie bra was able to deliver these.

The bra felt like second skin. It didn’t bunch up nor constrict. My worries on support were debunked as everything stayed in place without the need for compression. Who knew it was possible?

I LOVE the support of this bra. It's like wearing those exercise bras that really gives support when you are doing strenuous activities like running but with the added function of being able to nurse easily anytime. I could not emphasize enough how comfortable it feels wearing the Coobie nursing bra.

I've tried similar bras, but the others felt too hot when worn and the pads were like foam. I like the quality of Coobie.

At 88% spandex and 12% nylon, it is very comfortable and flexible, without having to worry about overheating. Some full support bras I've tried have materials that are very hot, and seem to restrict my rib cage even if it's already 1-2 sizes bigger than my usual. Coobie Scoopneck is very comfortable, I can chase after my 3 year old, breastfeed my 1 year old, and even sleep in it!

I regularly use full cup sports bra during workouts. My preference leans on y-back straps since I find this the most supportive. Coobie doesn’t have either y-strap or compression yet it was comfortable.

I have used other nursing bras ever since I have given birth to my daughter and the quality and support this bra provides is really good compared to others.

I also like how easy it is to hook and unhook the part connecting the flap of the bra to the strap so I can breastfeed. I have tried other brands where I have a hard time doing it with one hand. With nobody else to hold my daughter, I can only use one hand and it was very easy to do it with Coobie bra.

The verdict is out as all moms adored the Coobie Seamless Bra. The style fits moms’ aesthetics. The support is appropriate with the lifestyle needs – be it lounging for a bit, going to work or chasing youngsters. And most essentially Coobie delivers the promise as the ultra-comfortable bra in the market.

Coobie currently offers in the Philippines its everyday wear bra and nursing bra. Coobie is now available in selected physical and online stores nationwide.

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