My Feminine Hygiene Staple: Betadine Feminine Wash

February 10, 2017
By Ayeen Rimorin

Similar to having a skin care routine for fresher face, it is equally important to have a routine for feminine hygiene. Back when I was younger and the reproductive hygiene was introduced to us in school, the soap and water routine for our feminine parts seem to do the trick. When I got older (yes, older!) and became conscious of how my body is changing, I started to feel that my regular soap isn’t working. I thought taking care of your feminine parts wasn’t a big deal - what was I thinking? As my delightful OB said, your vagina needs attention. We often neglect taking extra measures in taking care of our feminine parts because after all, it’s just down there.

When I started using feminine wash, I really don’t care about the brand. All I care about is if it smells good. So I often buy 2-3 variants, try them out and normally I don’t get to finish the bottle because I hurry to the try the next bottle that I have. During one of my discussions with my OB, she mentioned I should try BETADINE 7.5% Antiseptic Feminine Wash. Of course, I got one and tried it for myself. Here’s my honest experience about this wash.

It is a doctor-trusted feminine wash that is hypoallergenic, it has the ideal pH range that gives relief from itching down there, especially during your period, pregnancy or even menopause. It has PVP-Iodine that kills viruses, fungi and bacteria that causes odor, itchiness and irritation. Recommended usage is twice a week.

  • It does prevent / minimize irritation and dryness.
  • I really do feel cleaner down there, especially during my period.
  • It gives me a feeling like it is medicine – like it disinfects your feminine parts from bacteria.

  • It has the same consistency with the actual Betadine that you use for wounds. I am always reminded of that whenever I use it.
  • It is odorless. While it may be recommended to be unscented, sometimes, a little bit of scent can add up to that even fresher feeling.

While Betadine Antiseptic Feminine wash is one of my staples, I’d still want to use another feminine wash that I can use every day with an even lovelier scent. I got excited – like really excited - when I got the Betadine Fresh Bliss. Finally, a Betadine feminine wash I can use every day. I tried the Lavender Dreams variant.

Betadine Fresh Bliss is formulated for daily gentle cleansing. It has Anti Itch Avena oats that help soothe and prevent itching and gentle defense lactic acid to protect intimate area from unpleasant odor and infection caused by bacteria and fungi. Its formula is paraben-free, deodorizes, clinically tested and pH-balanced.

  • The lavender smell. Aaagghh, for someone like me who loves scent, this wash is an upgrade from the betadine antiseptic wash.
  • Provides more lather than the antiseptic wash.
I honestly can’t think of anything that I don’t like about it. As for the moment, I am using the BETADINE ANTISEPTIC feminine wash twice a week, and on other days, the Betadine Fresh Bliss. I tried this combination for one week after my period, and noticed ‘significant’ comfort down there. Cheers to cleaner underwear!

I’m pretty satisfied now with my feminine hygiene regimen. I can’t wait to try the Pink paradise variant!

About the Author:  
Mommy Ayeen Rimorin is a financial operations manager in a multinational company. She is the wife of Ryan and mom of Arya who is 1 year old.


  1. is it ok to use betadine antiseptic femine wash everyday? because i think i have a mild vaginal yeast infection and does betadine antiseptic help me remove any vaginal yeast infection? thank you!

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  3. I accidentally used this two at once, and I am worried if there is side effects.

    Is it okay?

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  5. nagamit ko siya dalawa sa isang araw diko kasi nabasa na pag may regla ka lang pala ok lang po ba yun??

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