6 Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

March 24, 2017
By Cathy Ang 

Documenting your days with your little ones is a must! They grow up so fast and in a blink of an eye, your little ones will not be little anymore. Luckily for us, we, Millennial Moms have the whole arsenal of camera technology at our disposal that makes it easy! But whether you have a point and shoot camera, a DSLR or the most common camera nowadays which is your phone camera, it always boils down to the person behind the camera to produce good photos. And if we’re talking about kids’ photos, it’s usually the moms who are relentless in pressing those camera buttons. 

So moms, here are 6 tips for taking good photos of your kids:

1. Make Sure to have Good lighting
Light can make or break your photos. Light is actually an important part of how we see things and it affects how we capture our photos. We have a lot of light sources available to us but what I prefer the most is natural light. I am a big fan of natural light. It makes for a great photo! And kids don’t have to give you the wide eye surprised look they have when you shoot with your camera’s flash on.

2. Find the Right Timing
Timing is everything. As moms, we know the best time of the day when our kids are at their liveliest and the time when they’re at their crankiest. I know that the best time to photograph my kids is after they’ve had their snack or after their naps. So work around your kids’ schedule. And of course there are the unplanned photo sessions where they suddenly do the dandiest-kid-thing-ever and you just want to whip your phone camera out of your bag and capture it. So go ahead and do it! Just make sure that whatever camera you’re using is always ready for that spur-of-the-moment photo. Most of the time, I find myself reaching out for my camera phone instead of my dslr for such moments. It’s a good thing that most camera phones have easy access buttons or swipe actions so you can capture those moments. Make sure you know those buttons and use it! 

3. Get Down to their Level

You want to capture their world, how they see the world so you have to get down to their level! I absolutely love the shots that I have with my kids with this angle. Try it! 

4. Practice the Rule of Thirds
Most cameras have a grid on their screens which you can turn on or off. I usually have mine on because it’s very handy in composing your pictures. The “rule of thirds” simply means that you divide your picture into horizontal and vertical sections and place your subject along the lines that intersect to make for a better photo. Don’t be stuck in placing your child in the center of the photo while framing your shot. Use the grid to help you compose your photo!

5. Have Fun and Play
I’ve found that the most ineffective way of photographing kids is whipping out your camera and telling them to stop what they’re doing and say “cheese”. When you do this, you get this unnatural, fake smile like the ones you show the dentist when he says “Let me see your teeth”. The only way to get real, natural smiles is when kids are happy and engaged. Play with your kids! Have fun with them and have your camera ready! Kids doesn’t have to look at the camera when you’re taking photos of them. You could also spare yourself from yelling at your kids “Look at the camera! Look here! Here!”. 

6. Just Keep Shooting
I always have my camera on continuous shooting mode. I admit I am a trigger happy mom! I take photos of my kids like there’s no tomorrow! I look through the photos that I’ve taken and pick out the best ones and delete the rest. It’s better to have a ton of pictures than none at all. Gotta love the digital age! You can shoot a ton of photos without worrying about film!

I hope these tips help you start in capturing better photos of your kids. But it’s best to remember that every kid is different and you know your kids best. Do what works for you and your kids. And remember to live the moment! Don’t stay on your camera screen the whole time and miss on the live action. Take lots of photos but live the moment!

About the Author:
A homeschooling mom of 2 and a freelance photographer, Cathy Ang, previously worked as a marketing professional in TV Network, real estate, and advertising industry. She loves taking pictures of her kids, has an unhealthy relationship with coffee and chocolates, and annually watches Star Wars Eps IV, V, & VI. Read on to get practical and effective tips on how to capture your everyday moments.

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