Bringing Out the Well-rounded Mom in Me through unMother’s Day at Eastwood City

June 16, 2017
By Gwen Llana-Serrano of

Our children deserve the best in everything — including the best mom ever! And though we may have our own definitions of “best mom”, we all ought to work on achieving that mom goal of being the best person that we can be for our little one.

But before we can give our best self to someone else, we gotta work on keeping that well-rounded, passionate women we truly are. Let’s admit it. After the birth, it’s so easy to focus on just being a mommy — changing diapers, washing clothes, nursing babies. It’s as if the painter, the fitness enthusiast, the poet, the musician or the baker in us took an indefinite leave.

I’m grateful that on my 1st mother’s day celebration, I got an opportunity to participate in “unMother’s Day”,  a special event for moms at Eastwood City.

With the aim of letting mothers celebrate mother’s day their way, the event organized by Megaworld in partnership with Millennial Moms PH featured activities that moms like me would love to do again if given the chance. Zumba and hiphop dancing, make-over, nail art, wall climbing are just some of the activities of the event.  These may seem ordinary for single ladies, but becoming a mom can turn these normal activities into a luxury that we can only dream about.
The millennial mom that I am, I eagerly joined the babywearing zumba and hiphop dance. It made me reminisce the zumba classes I joined when I was still single. Back then, fun and fitness were a must.

The babywearing zumba session in the unMother’s Day event made me realize that fun and fitness need not be sacrificed just because we have a baby. Babywearing is a safe new practice that can help us moms multi-task and dance our way to fitness.


Watch the video of the Babywearing Zumba here.

The event also featured a fashion show of moms and their kids. I wasn’t part of the show, but simply watching moms all dolled up with their children reminded me that beauty and fashion sense need not be sacrificed just because we are now labeled as moms. In fact, I believe a woman should be more beautiful as a mom because there is an inner strength that comes with the pretty face.

*Twinning photos c/o Eastwood City
A talk on discovering our purpose also encouraged me and the other moms to recall the activities or projects that we are passionate about. It reminded us that aside from being a mother, we also have another calling that we should pay attention to.  Our talents should not be forgotten just because we need to take care of our little ones.  Alongside being a loving mom, we still need to be that venturesome entrepreneur, prolific writer, creative artist, competitive soccer player or diligent professional that we are.

The three Ps mentioned in the talk — Passion, Potential and Profitability– need not be sacrificed just because we are busy being moms.   We need to give time to pursue our passion, work on our potential and find ways to be profitable at the same time.

Other than the exciting prizes and giveaways, and the new mommy friends, being reminded to be a well-rounded mom is the best gift I got from this mother’s day event. We just need to be “unmothered” once in a while to become the best mother that we can be.

Happy Mother’s day!

The loot!
New mom friends!
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