#MomTribe Meet-Up for First-Time Moms

June 28, 2017
By Rachelle Carpio of https://wondermomma.net

With Mommy Dette Zulueta and Mommy Sue Sevilla at the recently held #MomTribe Meet-Up for First-Time Moms
Motherhood can be at times overwhelming. For a first-time mom like me who needs all the help I can get in raising a child in this day and age, finding my mom tribe consisting of millennial moms whom I can easily identify with and turn to made me all the more embrace motherhood despite of its ups and downs. Being a part of this tribe and sharing this journey with moms who have been there  and or going through the same gives me the confidence to face each challenges the day may bring knowing that I am not alone. Because the truth is, we cannot do it alone.

These days I know I’m getting better at motherhood because I have this tribe of amazing moms behind me who gives no judgment, imparts useful tried-and-tested knowledge, cheers you on and provides encouragement on those days when you feel less than stellar.

This tribe of moms form the Millennial Moms PH which holds regular #MomTribe Meet-ups. The most recent one was held last 24th June 2017 at Makansutra, SM Megamall and was attended by 35 moms. It is organized by Millennial Moms PH and is co-presented by PLDT Home and Pampers PH. The event was made possible by the generous sponsors – The Asian Parent PH, Baby Company, Smart Steps, Bite Block Insect Repellant, Heat Press Empire, Beads of Lola and Sugar Sensation PH.

What happens during the #MomTribe Meet-Ups?
That private space in Makansutra becomes the venue where moms gather not just to enjoy what the Singapore hawker-style dining place has to offer but over good food, experiences and stories are shared. There is free seating. Leave your worries behind and be one with the other moms who are there to connect and have fun at the same time. There are suggested, relevant topics but you can share anything under the sun. The event sponsors and brand partners are also there to talk about their latest services and products. No one leaves empty-handed as there are loot bags, prizes and giveaways.

Our Takeaways
Despite the many voices from well-meaning friends and relatives telling you to do this and do that when it comes to child-rearing, learn to shush all that noise and trust your gut feeling and instinct. After all, a mother knows what is best for her child.

In this millennial age, access to digital information is just within our reach and why not exhaust all means and turn it into our advantage? As Mommy Kalai Fetalino Medenilla stressed out, “We are called millennial moms because we turn to the internet to do our research.”

Another important topic discussed which a lot of moms tend to neglect is looking after their ownselves as we always prioritize our family’s needs before our own. As Dette Zulueta, who leads the tribe emphasized, “Being moms should make us do more.” This is a good reminder for moms to make an effort to take care of ourselves more so that in so doing, we can efficiently take care of others, too.

Millennial Moms PH believes that “motherhood brings out the best in a woman” – whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a single mom, a mompreneur or a full-time working mom.  “And although motherhood may be challenging, it may be made easy with the right support.”

Annalyn dela Cruz, mom to 9-month old Amira Rae, who is a first-time attendee, shares, “I was used to attending talks and seminars regarding parenting stuffs ina  formal setting. Attending this Meet-up makes it more homey and casual. Learning from other moms is a great experience. And it gives me comfort knowing that I am not alone with the struggles I am going through as a first-time mom.”

Working-mom Sue Sevilla was fascinated upon learning that homeschooling can be done even when she is working full-time with proper planning and the right curriculum among other things.

During the event, I’ve reconnected with familiar faces and met new mommas whom I am in touch with already. To which my millennial mommy friends would be quick to comment, “And that is a very millennial thing to do!”

Mommy Kalai Fetalino Medenilla animatedly-sharing the wonders of breastfeeding to the group.

From L-R, Mommy Jezza May, Sue, Shishi, Anna and Joelie

Happy to have found my #MomTribe!

Mommies with their babies
This mommy just won a prize. Thus the look of joy on her face.
More and more prizes have been given away.
Human Bingo game by The Asian Parent PH
Janine Mendoza, Operations Manager of The Asian Parent PH shares how useful the ParentTown mobile app can be for moms.
The two winners who completed the Human Bingo game at a record-breaking speed. Good job, Mommy Kalai Fetalino Medenilla!
Smart Steps @mommysmartsteps gave away a newborn baby care kit to all moms
PLDT Home, the event’s co-presentor
Mommy Avvy Lee-Lapus handed out  lactation treats for the other moms to enjoy that afternoon
Lactation treats @sugarsensationph
Some members of the Millennial Moms PH Core team – Mommy Jenina Vicencio and Mindy Santiago Cabudol.

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