Pampers Launches Preemie Diapers

By Nish Ching of

Millennial moms Dette (extreme left) and Nish (extreme right) with Mr. Troy Bautista of Pampers and Ms. Bambi Borneo of MCNAP
Premature infants come into the world earlier than 40 weeks, which is how normal pregnancy usually lasts. During the nine months of pregnancy, babies’ bodies are developing in their moms’ wombs to allow them to survive and thrive when they are born.

Screenshot from the Pampers Video

Screenshot from the Pampers Video

So technically, the earlier a baby is born, the more likely it is for him/her to have health problems. Most preemie babies have to spend time in the hospital’s NICU to be attended well on their special needs. Thankfully, with the advances in medical care, even babies born very prematurely (as early as 28 weeks!) are more likely to survive today than ever before.

And speaking of technological advances, Pampers - the brand trusted by parents for more than 50 years to care for their babies- developed an innovative product that’s not only gentle for babies of all skin-types but also would be bringing forward the issue of preterm birth in the country.

Dette and Nish
Millennial Moms PH mommies, Dette Zulueta (founder) and Nish Ching (core team member) were invited to join an intimate media event at Shangri-la at the Fort- a round table discussion on premature birth in the country. We learned that while technology has advanced to a point that we can provide the best possible treatment for preemies, preterm birth complications are still the leading cause of death among children under 5 years old. It has been the cause of almost 1 million deaths in 2015—three-quarters of which could have been prevented through various interventions that mothers and medical practitioners should be aware of.

Watch a heartwarming video by Pampers via this link.

According to Ms. Bambi Borneo, the President of Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc.,“Preventing complications from preterm birth, of course, begins by making sure that you have a healthy pregnancy. But for whatever reason that preterm birth occurs, know that there are essential care guidelines that you can do to ensure the strength and development of your baby,”
Preemies are more sensitive and prone to infection. They have very delicate and fragile skin. And one very important element in caring for them is changing their diapers. This simple process offers parents a rare moment to connect and bond with their babies despite the challenges they are facing. And this new product of Pampers is made especially for them- softer, smaller and perfect fit for their tiny delicate bodies.

Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Based on stats, more than 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world wear Pamperseveryday! Not only do they offer a complete range of diaper, they also have wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s development. You may visit to check out more Pampers products.

Troy Bautista, the Assistant Brand Manager of Pampers, said, “By creating awareness, providing information, and revolutionizing products, we hope to make a difference in the lives of medical practitioners, parents and most importantly, babies,”

The first months of a baby are the most delicate and crucial stage in their lives. It is important that parents consider not just the practical aspects but also the emotional ones. As mommies, we recognize the importance of choosing the best diaper for our babies. And we only trust Pampers to care for our little ones.


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