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July 14, 2017
By Dette Zulueta

The moment I reached my 30's, my Facebook timeline was filled with all sorts of milestones 30 somethings are into - engagement, marriages, baptisms, and birthday celebrations.  I cannot deny for a fact that it is at this age that most people settle down and start a family.

Thus, when I saw the July promo of Baby Company, All Things Baby Sale in Facebook,  I immediately went to Baby Company boutique in SM Megamall to check out their offerings keeping in mind my own baby, my godchildren, my pregnant friends and all the upcoming events, baptism and birthday celebrations I will be attending.

Going through the Baby Company All Thing Baby Sale is such a delight. The boutique is a one-stop shop that has practically all I need. It has a wide array of relevant items for pregnant moms, newborns and toddlers that are offered in discounted prices. All the brands they carry are tried and tested ones for all our babies’ needs. With this, I am assured that I have a lot of options of useful and quality items that will surely be appreciated and will not disappoint.

Sale items
The sale covered items from infant feeding, caring, playing, sleeping and learning.

My top picks
I ended up buying a lot of stuff for my own baby since I needed to update our items in our house since she is growing so fast.

1. Parklon Mat - Since my baby is now a very active toddler, we needed a mat that will protect her from bumping her head on the floor. Thus, we got her a Parklon Mat that has a thick cusion.

Parklon Mat
 2. Tip Toe Shoe Socks - Her shoe size changes fast. Thus, we bought this affordable pair that she can use everyday.

Shoe Socks
 3. BW Splash Swim Diaper - Since we are going to the beach this month, we bought her swimming nappies.

4. Philips Avent Nipples - We had to update her nipples because some are broken because she has a tendency to bite them.


5.  The First Years' Spill-proof Cups - She loves drinking in a straw but we usually encounter accidental spills because our tumblers in the house do not have lids. Thus, I bought these spill proof cups with straws.

Spill-proof Cups
So happy with her straw cups!
6. Aveeno Baby Cleanser - The only effective baby cleanser for my baby's super sensitive skin is Aveeno so we make sure that we always have stock at home.

Aveeno Baby Skincare line is the best!

7. Giggles Wipes - These wipes never caused my baby skin allergies. It is a good quality item in an affordable price.

Super soft and alcohol-free wipes!

8. Cycles and Cradle - These items are always part of my must-buys whenever I shop for my baby. The Cyles detergent is the best for my baby's clothes as she never got allergies with this. Cradle too is a must-have as we always need it to clean her bottles and sanitize her growing number of toys!

A mom must-have!

Next target items
I saw some nice products which I can give as gifts for my godchildren and pregnant friends. Good thing the promo is until July 31 so I can still save to get these items.

These bathing items is a nice gift for a baby shower!
These feeding items is in every mom's wishlist!
Be the best Ninang ever with these Lamaza toys!
Maternity clothes need not be boring!

The perk
Just in time for the rainy season, Baby Company offers a free popbrella, a very cute animal-designed umbrella, that is big enough for a mom and child to use. This promo is exclusive to Mom Card holders. For just a minimum of PHP3,500 purchase, you will be able to get one free popbrella from the six designs.

We got the Panda Popbrella!
1. Always follow Baby Company in Facebook to see their current promos. Some items go as low as 50% off so it is best to always be updated and not miss a good deal.

2. To avail of more discounts and promos, always bring your Mom Card and if you still have none yet, you may get one in Baby Company for only PHP100.

3. For pregnant and non-pregnant mamas, do check out the Baby Company gift registry which is a fun and exciting thing to do whenever you have celebrations like baby shower, baptismal and birthday celebrations. This not only helps your guests to give you the item that you really need but it also limits gift duplication. Simply approach the store manager to get more information on how to do this.

So whether you have a baby or you just have an upcoming event for a baby or even for a pregnant mom, check out Baby Company as you will surely find the item you are looking for. True to its name, Baby Company is truly the baby specialist.

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