"I Wish They Taught Money in School" Book Review

By Gwen Llana-Serrano of https://blissfulblooming.wordpress.com/

“How come there’s an Art Appreciation subject back then, but there was no Budgeting 101 class,” I sarcastically commented during one adulting chat with a friend.  In my adult world, personal finance management is a topic that is often thought of and talked about only to end up being taken for granted.  It’s a harsh reality, but most of us are still dependent on every paycheck.

As a former employee of a financial institution, I had been introduced to big concepts like financial literacy and investment.  Yet with the overwhelming expenses included in the “newlyweds with a newborn baby” package I am currently subscribed to, all the financial ideals in my head seemed to have been expelled by my mommy brain. With diapers, vaccines or tuition fees in mind, it’s definitely a challenge for moms like us to manage our precious yet limited fund.

One day I came across a book with a very intriguing title --- I Wish They Taught Money in School So I‘m not Dependent on My Paycheck.  It’s as if my sarcastic comment had been echoed to its authors! From its title alone, I knew that the book was meant for me.  And after going through its every page, I believe it’s also for everyone who yearns for financial freedom.  It straightforwardly talks about money matters in a way that is relevant to and comprehensible for working moms (or dads), stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, and even mompreneurs.  We don’t need a degree in Finance to capture what this book is trying to point out.

The book has a second part called “I Wish They Taught Money in School So I can Start My Own Business Right Away”.  It is a motivating guide for those who wish to become entrepreneurs.  Just like the first part of the book, this section relays the author’s experience in starting a business in a way that is not intimidating to rookies like me.

There are so much words of wisdom from authors Clarissa Seriña-De La Paz and Sharon Que, but here are the learnings that inspired me the most:

5 SMART Tips to Transform Regular Income to Passive Income
1. Start small
2. Make it a habit (and stick to it)
3. Acquire more knowledge
4. Raise the bar of creativity
5. Think outside your salary

Whether you are a working mom like me or a stay-at-home mom, this acronym can help you easily remember how to work smart.  Whatever field we choose, moms should always have that zest to obtain new knowledge and skills and express those creative juices.  This will not only boost our income but also help in our personal and professional development.

Secrets to Reaching Your Goals
The book mentions three secrets to reaching goals -- a clear & vivid picture, burning passion, exceptional persistence.  It reminds us that clarity of vision is important.  We need to be sure on what we want to achieve and where we want to go.  Once the picture is clear and vivid, passion and persistence will keep us going.

Everyone was Once a Rookie
“Everyone was once a rookie.  Playing studying & continuously practicing the money game can make you a pro money making machine.”  This statement motivates me to reassess my life’s plans.  I often think that I am not capable of venturing in this business or investing in that company just because I lack experience. Well, the author is right.  Everyone was once a rookie. Everyone was once a beginner with no experience.  But if nobody started as a rookie, nobody would end up a pro.

We have so much potential as millennial moms. Sometimes, we just need a little push to take that little step towards our financial (or other personal) goals.  This book is one instrument that will encourage us to step forward.  It’s never too late to be taught about money.

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