Why I Celebrate Babywearing Week?

September 30, 2017
By Dette Zulueta

One of the things that made my life easier as a new mom is babywearing. It is one of the tips I usually advise new moms to try and it is one advocacy I will continue to practice with my upcoming baby. 

Since 2015, I made sure to celebrate the International Babywearing Week every October mainly because of 3 reasons.
1. It is my way of learning more information about babywearing (the types of carriers, how to wear, benefits it will provide).
2. It is where I find inspiration from young mothers who fashionably wear their babies (carefully folded wraps, pretty structured carriers, even DIYs).  
3. It is where I get support from moms who are dedicated to embrace babywearing fully despite discouragement from other people (newborns to toddlers being worn; working moms wearing their babies, doing household chores while babywearing).

This 2017 marks my third time to celebrate babywearing week and I will be joining the event organized by Shadrach Collection which also coincides with their third anniversary. 

For moms who are new to babywearing, those avid fans and enthusiasts and those who have benefited from its practice, I invite you to attend and celebrate this wonderful advocacy on Sunday, October 1. 

This will surely be worth your while. The organizer of this event, Shadrach’s Collection, is a social entrepreneurship of more than twenty-two thousand followers utilizing Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness and to help families and caregivers to practice safe, comfortable and responsible babywearing.  

Let us join Shadrach's Collection as they celebrate babywearing week and show our support as they continue their advocacy of empowering more and more mothers through babywearing in the succeeding years to come. 

To join the event, visit this page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1761580897483604/?ti=icl

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