Celebrating Halloween with your Child

October 20, 2017

As Halloween is just around the corner, millennial moms are certainly looking forward to another major festivity in the life of the little ones. As you can’t help but imagine a selfie with your child inside that cute pumpkin costume, Halloween is a great opportunity for you to come up with various exciting and creative ways to bond with your precious little one. They won’t be huggable little kids forever, so you might as well make the most of the years that you can still have fun with them the way you want to.

Halloween may also have a scary impression on some kids.  As a mom, you can correct this wrong notion by explaining to your child the real meaning of the season and by introducing him or her to fun-filled Halloween activities.  

Other than the usual trick or treat activity, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Halloween with your little one:

Squeeze your creative juices with Halloween arts and crafts
There are lots of Halloween characters that may look cute than scary when turned into art creations.  There are many easy do-it-yourself Halloween arts and crafts tutorials available online. From paper jack-o’-lanterns to cotton ball ghosts, you can choose from a wide range of Halloween arts and craft projects that you and your child can work on.  

Prepare spooky-looking Halloween treats together in your kitchen
Food is the key to everybody’s heart.  So why not bond with your child in your kitchen and do some cute and delicious snack or dessert.  Prepare the ingredients and teach your child some easy culinary skills.  Bake some Halloween spider cookies. Prepare some Bloody Apple Pops or Choco Banana Goblins.  The process will surely be exciting and memorable for any child. Plus, you both can enjoy the yummy Halloween goodies afterwards.

Do a Halloween photo shoot
Since Halloween is known for visually appealing costumes, grab this time of the year as opportunity to pose for the camera.  Even moms with babies can surely enjoy this bonding activity.  Whether you hire a professional photographer or choose to DIY using your phone camera, a Halloween photo shoot is definitely a great idea.  Just make sure to have those costumes, props and backdrops ready.

Host a Halloween play date (or find and join one)
Play dates are so in nowadays. Every millennial mom should try taking her child to one session.  Halloween is an exciting theme for one of these play dates. So go ahead and organize one. Isn’t it nice to see your baby or toddler mingling with other children in that cute Halloween bunny costume?  If you’re not the kind of mom who can host an event, try to look for scheduled Halloween play dates near you.

Have a storytelling night
Children love stories, especially when it’s told by mom.  The story does not have to be about ghosts and villains.  Pick a story that will greatly interest your child – fairies, princesses, piratesor huntsmen. You may also choose to tell real life stories of your grandparents (ala Lola Basyang).  

For moms with school-aged kids, storytelling night can also be a great time for you to explain to your kids about the deeper meaning of Halloween – why we visit departed loved ones in the cemetery, why we have to pray for souls, the meaning of All Souls Day and All SaintsDay.

So this Halloween, don’t limit yourself to just buying your child a pumpkin pale for trick or treat. Get out of the box, and be creative on your Halloween mom and child bonding.
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