Introducing Christmas Traditions to Your Child

November 28, 2017

Christmas is one of the merriest occasions of the year.  It is also a wonderful season to be enjoyed by the whole family.  Aside from the sumptuous Christmas feast and the exciting Christmas gift giving, parents and children should look forward to practicing Christmas traditions together. Other than being an enjoyable activity, a Christmas tradition can teach many values to the young and help strengthen the relationships between parents and children.

So as you do the countdown to Christmas, here are some of the Christmas traditions you can share with your little ones:

Singing Christmas carols
Generally, Filipinos love to sing regardless of the occasion. With the many melodious Christmas songs on our list, we just can’t let this joyful season go by without singing a Christmas song or two. Recall those childhood days when children knock from one “kapitbahay” to another, singing beautifully (or not) those good old Christmas medleys. Introduce that to the new generation. Don’t let your children miss this Filipino Christmas tradition. Whether they get some coins from it or not, singing Christmas carols is an activity every child will certainly enjoy.

Setting up the Christmas Tree
 Christmas tree is one of the icons of the Christmas season. Almost every home has one.  Your child will surely love helping out in setting up your Christmas tree at home.  Make it an exciting annual family activity that your little one will surely look forward to.  Give your child the freedom to pick a theme for this year’s Christmas tree. Let him or her choose the ornaments and the colors of the Christmas balls.  If you have more than one child, it is a good opportunity for your children to bond with their siblings as well.

Preparing gifts for others
Don’t put all the burden of Christmas gift preparation on your shoulders. Instead of looking at it as a tiresome chore you just want to get over and done with, turn it into a bonding activity between you and your child.  Involve your child in every step of preparing the Christmas gifts this year – from making the gift check list to gift buying to wrapping the presents.  Aside from being a bonding activity, it is a good way of introducing to your child to think of other people too when buying things. 

Making a birthday cake or goodie for Jesus
Fun time in the kitchen is always a good idea for parents and children to bond.  And since Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, why not make a birthday cake (or other simpler version) for the birthday boy? Enjoy a culinary session with your child this yuletide season. Don’t forget to put a candle on top, which everyone in the family can blow together after sing the birthday boy a “Happy birthday” song.

Completing the Simbang Gabi masses
The Simbang Gabi is a beautiful Christmas tradition that has been preserved by many Filipino families.  It is a great opportunity to thank God for all the blessings we have received and to pray for guidance in the family.  Children need to be introduced this deep Christmas tradition even at an early age.  If your little ones can’t bear to wake up early in the morning, there are Simbang Gabi masses nowadays scheduled in the evening.

Through these Christmas traditions, we can bond with our children, instill values in them and enjoy the season with them all at the same time. Have a wonderful yuletide season!

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