Identifying Your Kids’ Source Of Allergies With Just One Test

November 27, 2017
By Nish Ching of

Would you be excited to know that allergies can be avoided by properly identifying them? We do not have to live with it anymore and have this menace trouble us and control our lives forever!

I recently attended the launch of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness in Bonifacio Global City. So honored to be there along with other concerned mommies who would like to know what causes allergies and how to avoid them.

I, myself, suffer from a common allergic symptom of sneezing in the morning and having runny nose or itchy eyes and throat. My 1 year old daughter, Ysha, has this case of occasional dry spots on her skin which her derma calls as Atopic Dermatitis or which we commonly know as eczema. We are both allergic of something but we do not know what it is! If we knew, then we'd be able to avoid it, right? 

Now, the good news to all the worried mommies like me, there is a test that identifies allergens before they can even cause an allergic reaction! FABER Test is the most up-to-date and complete tool today to diagnose an allergy. With just one extraction and a minimal amount of blood sample, it will measure specific antibodies against bacteria, viruses and allergens.

The process is very simple: they will gather information (history, daily diet or activity, etc.), get blood sample (you don't even have to go on fasting or whatever preparation for this), then lab test and they will formulate personalized results and recommendations for you. There were lots of medical or scientific terms used during the discussion but what caught my attention best is this example: When found out that it's chicken you're allergic to, they could still trim it down to which component specifically. They'll find out that your allergen could only be the yolk then you don't have to avoid chicken altogether! Which means, life isn't totally ruined! My kid could still enjoy fried chicken! 

This screening test for allergies is made with the most advanced knowledge in the field of nanotechnology that's why it's also recommended for those who have allergy with rhinitis, asthma, urticaria, food reactions including abdominal pain and diarrhea. 

Aside from the usual inconvenient rashes and sneezes, allergies sometimes manifest in the form of: 
• swollen lips or face 
• severe headache 
• shortness of breath 
• bronchospasm 
• vomiting 
• anaphylactic shock! 

And I would not let my daughter experience any of these life-threatening allergy symptoms especially knowing that there’s a way to figure out what to avoid for her not to. Infants to elderly are all eligible to take the test! Ysha's eczema keeps coming back and when I asked her pedia of what can I do to stop it, she says we could visit an allergist and have her take the skin test to find out what is she allergic to. I didn't want her to experience that! It could be really traumatic for a little girl to be pricked several times! 

Good thing with FABER is that all it takes is a small amount of blood, one time extraction, and we're done! This test is also recommended if you have been on a serious diet but still haven’t shred a single pound! Or if you are traveling to an unknown destination, moving to a new home, or even when starting a new job. You may not even be aware that you have allergies. The symptoms really depend on what form you’re allergic to and how you came in contact with it. Most of the time, people discover they’re allergic to something when it has already caused a reaction in the body, right? 

LifeScience uses the FABER test as tool in helping clients optimize their health through nutrition and lifestyle modification so they can properly avoid their allergy triggers, and learn how to better manage their allergies. Health span, longevity and vitality are their primary concern. That is why they're not only specialists, they are supergeneralists! 

You may request for the FABER test from your doctor or allergist who can customize the individual test interpretation based on the role of individual molecules seen as “risk markers.” 

Identify your kids' source of allergies now! Visit or call 848-LIFE (5433) to book an appointment or to know more about the FABER Test.

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