Achieving Peace of Mind through Technology

Being a mom makes a woman to be a better person. It makes her do things she hasn't done before. It enables her to think more of the others than herself. It even pushes her to make sacrifices she never knew she could do. 

If a mom will be asked what gives her peace of mind, one of her answers would be the security and safety of her family. 

Nowadays, it is common to hear women doing the "mom check calls." You would often hear, "How are you? What time did you reach school? Where are you now? Did you feed the baby now? Did you pick them up in school already? What time are you going home?"

Distance for sure is not a hindrance for a mom to still be in touch of the family. Good  thing, with the help of technology, moms may now be more connected and "in-control" in one way or the other of their families' well-being and security.  

One specific brand that we love is PLDT which helps families to have stronger connections than ever. Aside from the telecommunications service, PLDT offers broadband and security devices for family homes that help moms achieve peace of mind. 

Here are 5 amazing products from PLDT Home that you should consider if you are a worrywart like most moms.  

Home Fibr Internet Connection 

PLDT offers internet connection that allows streaming, gaming, and video chats. 


A landline, broadband and tablet in one device that enables family members to bond over watching shows anytime, anywhere. 


This device allows moms to watch what is going on in their houses. It is like a portable window tool to your house.  It allows instant communication as it has a built-in microphone. This is perfect for working moms and moms-on-the-go who wants to be updated of the happenings in their house - if the child is okay with the yaya, if the maid is cleaning the house, or if everyone already reached home. 


This box device allows moms to provide a safe internet experience for their children. This box enables filtering and screening of apps and pages. It enables blocking of pornography sites, restricts access to social media, restricts access to YouTube content, limits app downloads and in-app purchases and restricts access to mobile games and apps. It also enables moms to manage and do all these remotely. This is such an amazing tool that is an answer to the problems of most moms - their children's addiction to computer apps that distract them from focusing on their studies. 


A GPS tracking device in the form of a watch. You may now track real time the location of either your child, your husband or the car. This is perfect for toddlers who go to play school or for young children who easily get lost in groceries or malls. Tracking has never been this easy! 

All these give moms the power to do more, to always be in touch and connected and to actually be the better queens of their own homes. It provides real time connectivity to family members as well as home security. It also enables moms to constantly strenghten the bond between family members. 

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*The last 3 photos are from PLDT Home website and Facebook page. 

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