Make Yummier Snacks with Gardenia Delicia

There is no doubt that kids easily get tired of the snacks we serve them. They are always looking for other options other than what they are used to eat.

Fortunately, Gardenia, our favorite brand of bread recently launched Gardenia Delicia, a chocolate spread that comes in two variants, hazelnut and milky flavors.

Who would not want a choco spread? The fact that it is chocolate will make it a sure hit to kids of all ages.

Now, making yummier and more enticing snacks is easier with Gardenia Delicia.

Here are 3 ideas that you may want to try:

Sandwich, waffle, pancake with banana and choco spread
You may also try adding banana or strawberries. You may also spread it in hot pandesal or as substitute to honey in pancakes. You may also use the chocolate spread to write letters and shapes.

Mallows dipped in chocolate
You may even put candies and graham crumbs. You may also design it according to the season: Christmas, Halloween or Valentines.

Fruits and choco fondue
You may also mix other fruits in kebab style or add cookies/biscuits.

Go ahead and give your kids happier, yummier and healthier snacks! Unleash the creative ideas in you and enjoy preparing snacks for your kids.

You may find Gardenia Delicia in major supermarkets nationwide. You may also check for more information.
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