7 More Things to Do Before Baby’s Arrival

June 15, 2021

Welcoming a baby in ones home is a very exciting milestone for a family. This new addition would entail additional material necessities which need to be prepared in advance. Aside from shopping for newborn essentials and preparing the hospital bag, there are a lot more things to accomplish before the arrival of the baby.

Here are 7 more tasks that every mom should not miss doing:

1. Sanitize baby’s room 
Deep clean the area to get rid of accumulated, deep-seated dirt, small insects such as spiders and those nasty bed bugs. It would also be best to sanitize the room using UV Care Germ Terminator to make sure that the room s 99.9% free from germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds. You may also opt to get the home service sterilizing by UV Care Service Ph. 

2. Set-up baby’s crib/sleep area
Use 100% premium cotton for baby’s crib linen like Zyji beddings. You may also want to try Baby Cuddle Ph bed which is also made of 100% cotton and may be used for co-sleeping, tummy time and play time.  It would give your baby a soft, comfortable and cool place to sleep and play.

3. Wash baby’s clothes and beddings
Pre-wash newborn clothes and beddings using a specially formulated and pediatrician approved detergent and fabric conditioner such as Mommy Smart Steps. It would make your baby’s clothes smelling fresh and clean. It would also prevent your baby from getting skin allergies as it is proven to be ultra mild on baby’s sensitive skin and is free from harsh chemicals such as dyes, brighteners, enzymes and bleach. 

4. Sterilize breastpump and container
Prepare the breastpump and breastmilk containers as you may need to pump while you are away from your baby or you may need to store excess milk. A sterilizer like Haenim UV Sterilizer that uses UV light and has a storage function is the best option to keep your breastpump and containers clean, sterilized and ready anytime you need it. 

5. Set-up the car 
Make your car ready for baby by putting the hospital bags inside the car.  Make sure to also include a pillow that you can sit on like the Bloom breastfeeding pillow that has a hole in the middle just in case you have those painful tears. It would also be ideal to already set-up a a carseat like Giant Carrier’s Zander carseat which may be used by newborns up to 4 years old. It would surely provide you and the baby comfort in traveling back home. 

6. Order lactation treats
Stock-up on yummy breastmilk boosters as a breastfeeding mama is a hungry mama. You may want to pre-order lactation treats from various online shops like Craving Bites, Mommy Treats, Sweets Surprise, Milking Bombs by ABC, Sweets Delight by Charlotte, and Mother Nurture (for lactation mixes). It would not only give you a variety of yummy goodies but would make sure that you have something healthy to eat that also helps in breastmilk production. 

7. Plan meals
Create a meal plan whether to actually cook it and stock in the fridge or to ask help from your own mother or to assign if the food will be ordered and from where. It would be good to have this as the first few weeks might be hard since the baby would need you all the time and you would also be too exhausted to function. Quick and easy meals that can be stocked up in the fridge are good options. For recipes, you may want to check out the Cookmunity by Ajinomoto Philippines. You may also want to keep handy the contact number of healthy food deliveries such as The Party Kitchen

Exciting times ahead, mamas! Do remember that though motherhood may be overwhelming as tasks seem to never end, help is iust within reach, may it be online or offline. Enjoy each moment with your baby and offer up to God all those challenges. As another mom often told me, “I promise, it will get easy in time!” and it sure did. 
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