Your Guide for Newborn Must-haves Shopping

February 20, 2018

Having a baby can be overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. Knowing that another human being will soon be totally depending on you, you anticipate the huge responsibility that will soon be landing on your shoulders. But even as the baby hasn’t arrived yet, your role as a parent has already begun. Making sure that everything your baby needs is ready is one of the first major duties you need to accomplish.

Buying things for a newborn is not a simple task. With the myriad of cute little baby things you see in baby stores nowadays, it’s normal for parents to be confused. Just like in a big shopping mall, there are different departments in the big shopping world of little babies.

Here’s a little guide that you may want to take when you and hubby finally decide to go shopping for some baby items.

Clothing Department

✓ Cotton baby shirts (sleeveless, short-sleeved and long-sleeved)
✓ One-piece outfit (long-sleeved and short-sleeved)
✓ Pajama sets
✓ Pairs of booties and socks
✓ Cotton pants
✓ Bibs
✓ Burp cloths
✓ Mittens
✓ Baby jacket
✓ Bonnets/Caps
✓ Baby hangers

Diapering Department
✓ Changing mat
✓ Diapers (disposable or cloth)
✓ Changing table
✓ Diaper rash ointment
✓ Trash bin and trash bags
✓ Baby wipes or cotton
✓ Alcohol (for parents)

Grooming Department
✓ Bath towels with hoodie
✓ Washcloths
✓ Cotton swabs
✓ Baby body wash
✓ Bath tub for baby
✓ Nail clipper
✓ Baby hair brush and comb
✓ Petroleum jelly
✓ Baby oil
✓ Laundry soap for baby’s clothes

Feeding Department
✓ Nursing pillow
✓ Bottles with newborn flow nipples
✓ Bottle brush
✓ Bottle cleanser
✓ Nursing bras (for Mom)
✓ Nursing pads (for Mom)
✓ Breast pump (for Mom)

Health Department
✓ Digital thermometer

Linen Department
✓ Receiving blankets
✓ Swaddles
✓ Cotton blankets
✓ Mattress pads for crib
✓ Cotton sheets for crib or bassinet

Nursery Department
 ✓ Crib or bassinet with mattress
✓ Hamper
✓ Playpen
✓ Diaper changing table
✓ Air humidifier
✓ Baby music CDs or Spotify playlist

Travel Department
 ✓ Diaper bag
✓ Baby carrier
✓ Baby car seat
✓ Stroller

Play Department
✓ Rattle
✓ Soft baby books
✓ Baby music CDs
✓ Playmat

Happy shopping, moms!
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