Hospital Bag Checklist for the Soon-to-Pop Mama

July 15, 2021

Are all the essential items for Mommy, Daddy and Baby in your hospital bag? Your countdown to finally meeting your precious baby has begun. While you may just want to sit down and relax all the time at this point in your pregnancy, you should remember that there’s still a handful of tasks to do as preparation for your D-day. This includes preparing the stuff that should go with you on the way to the hospital.  Your hospital bag must contain the items that you will need during labor and after the birth.

When to prepare your hospital bag?
Ideally, you should start packing your stuff at least two weeks before your due date.  If you wait for crunch time before packing your things, there’s a great tendency for you to be stressed and tensed.  And as we all know, any kind of stress and tension is not good for you and your baby, especially during the last few weeks of your pregnancy.  Likewise, when you are time-pressured, you might miss out some essentials to put in your bag.  So don’t procrastinate when it comes to preparing your hospital bag.

What to put inside the hospital bag? 
When preparing the bag you will need for labor and childbirth, you shouldn’t only think of your personal belongings. Remember that very soon, there will be another beautiful person who’ll be depending on you.  Plus, there’s a very excited daddy who’ll be staying with you in the hospital every step of the way.  Thus, think of three people when preparing your hospital bag – you, baby and daddy (or whoever will be there for you on labor and delivery day).

Mommy’s Stuff

- 3-4 sets of clothes, preferably nursing tops or anything with front that can easily be opened when you need to breastfeed
- Comfortable undies (disposable or washable)
- 3-4 pairs of socks
- Jacket/blazer/shawl
- Slippers
- A gorgeous outfit for going home with baby

Breastfeeding essentials
- Breast pads (disposable or washable)
- Nursing bras
- Nursing cover/ boncho
- Nipple cream
- Breastfeeding pillow

Hygiene essentials
- Maternity sanitary napkins
- Bed pads
- Cold compress packs / ice packs
- Shampoo, conditioner, soap
- Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
- Bath towel
- Alcohol
- Tissue, wet wipes, cotton and cotton buds
- Lotion or massage oil
- Hair brush (and other hair accessories)
- Cosmetics (don’t forget the lip balm)
- Essential Oils

Enhancements for the Room
- Pillow
- Blanket

Other important stuff
- Mobile phone with charger and power bank
- Your personal documents such as IDs, SSS forms, Philhealth forms, health card, draft birth certificate or written name of the child
- Birth plan
- Rosary and prayer cards

Baby’s Stuff

- 2-3 receiving blankets
- 2-3 swaddles
- 3-4 full-body onesies that can easily be fastened
- 3-4 booties
- 3-4 mittens
- 3-4 bonnets
- A gorgeous baby outfit for going home

Hygiene Essentials
- At least 10 diapers for newborn
- Baby wipes for newborn
- Cotton
- Baby body wash
- Bath towels

Travel Essentials
- Carseat
- Arm pillow

Daddy’s Stuff

- Food while waiting during labor
- Mobile phone with charger and powerbank
- 3-4 set of clothes
- Toiletries with bath towel
- Push gift for mommy
- Cash and credit card

For Visitors
- Food 
- Utensils

Enhancements for the washroom
- Tissue
- Handsoap
- Dishwashing liquid

Enhancements for the Room
- Pillow
- Blanket

This checklist is just a guide when packing your labor and birth essentials.  But, of course, your growing mama instinct will tell you just exactly what you and your family will need during another milestone in your life.  So while waiting for your little one’s arrival, get busy preparing the stuff you’ll need during labor and the first few days with your baby.

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