Maintaining Kids’ Clothing Hygiene through Smart Steps Laundry Detergent

Hygiene plays a big role in preventing infectious diseases, and clothing hygiene contributes a lot in achieving good health.  Just imagine how many microorganisms live in dirty socks and shirts! If I don’t take washing of my children’s clothes seriously, their own clothes may be the starting point of infection. So I make sure that my little ones’ clothes are thoroughly washed on a regular basis.

A step closer to achieving clothing hygiene is choosing a quality laundry detergent, and I’m glad I discovered Smart Steps.  This specially formulated detergent for babies and children got everything I need to achieve my laundry goals.

It’s gentle on my children’s skin.
One of the crucial criteria in choosing a good baby laundry detergent is, of course, the safety of my kids.  Smart Steps Baby Laundry detergent has been tested and proven to be mild and hypoallergenic. Unlike other regular detergents in the market today, Smart Steps have no phosphates, optional brighteners, dyes and enzymes that are not good for a child’s sensitive skin.  Harsh chemicals in detergents may remain in washed clothes, which can cause serious conditions like skin dermatitis.  Plus, since Smart Steps detergent minimizes the residue left on baby clothes, there’s less chance for my children to develop skin dryness and irritation.

It’s safe for washing soft baby clothes.
Since it contains no harsh chemicals, I’m confident that Smart Steps detergent is gentle not just on baby’s skin but even on baby clothes.  So moms like me can use this detergent if we need to wash our baby carriers and even cloth diapers. Plus, I love its very mild powder scent that’s not too strong for the little ones.

It’s effective in removing stains.
Even if it contains no powerful chemicals, Smart Steps laundry detergent effectively removes stains, even food spills and baby poop.  Having so much to do and so little time, it’s a big relief that I don’t put too much time and effort in getting rid of stains on my children’s clothes.  With Smart Steps, I save a lot of time and energy.  Whether it’s hand wash or machine wash, Smart Steps detergent always works its magic quickly on my children’s clothes.

It’s available in powder, bar and liquid.
The Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent comes in different forms: Smart Steps Powder Detergent, Smart Steps Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent, and Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent Bar. In my experience, the powder form and the bar are both effective in removing simple stains like milk spills on bibs. However, I find it difficult to remove poop stain or baby food stains by using just the powder or bar.  So for heavy stains, I use Smart Steps liquid detergent.

It’s easy on the pocket.
The best part of using Smart Steps is it’s affordable and cost-effective.  For only Php495, I can already have five packs of Smart Steps liquid detergent refill. These five packs will allow me to do a lot of laundry sessions since just a small amount of detergent can already remove heavy stains and make my children’s clothes smell good.

With Smart Steps, I am confident that I’m always a step ahead in maintaining the clothing hygiene of my children.  It’s a practical laundry detergent choice that’s gentle for our little ones’ skin, baby clothes, and even parent’s pockets.
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