#MomGear: Zander Carseat by Giant Carrier

When you have a baby, moms automatically become overly cautious about their child's welfare. They would always do anything to keep their child safe from harm whether this be a product or an external force. One safety gear that is usually on the checklist of baby gear essentials is a carseat. However, in the Philippines, most of us grew without using a carseat and only a few people practice it. Thus, buying a carseat is not a priority even though moms are aware that it is something that should be really bought and used. Good thing that nowadays more and more people are getting educated about the importance of using a carseat to ensure child passenger safety. Many thanks to car safety advocates for pushing awareness about this matter.

For me, I particularly needed a carseat since I would usually bring my toddler with me wherever I go and I also have no one to hold my baby during car travels since I am the one driving. So after discussing my situation with my husband and being convinced that the safest seat for our baby is a carseat and not a fellow human being (neither the parents nor the yaya), we went on a search for a good quality and affordable carseat. We then discovered Giant Carrier's Zander Carseat.

Here are the five reasons why we love it:

1. It grows with the baby. 
The Zander carseat can be used by babies from newborn up to 4 years old. It can be reclined in three positions and its harness can be adjusted to the child's height. It can also be used either rear-facing or front-facing.  

2. It is comfortable for the baby.
It has a fully padded side which doubles as impact protection and has extra seat pads for maximum comfort.

3. It ensures the safety of the baby.
It has a five point seat harness and one pull harness that makes sure that the baby is well secured in the seat. It also has an integral harness that makes sure that the carseat is securely attached to the car.

4. It is easy to install and maintain.
It can be easily installed by simply securing it to any regular car's seatbelt. The seat cover is removable making it easy to clean and sanitize.

5. It is affordable.
It is reasonably priced and gives you your money's worth for at least 4 years. Since it is durable, it can even be used by the second child giving you more bang for your buck.

So look no further, carseats need not be extremely pricey to be of good quality. Check out Giant Carrier for more carseat options and other mom and baby products and gears.

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