Vivalyte: Delicious Drink to Maintain Good Hydration 

It’s a pain for parents to see their child get sick, especially when kids suddenly lose their vigor out of dehydration.  Losing fluids more than what the body takes in can lead to serious complications. In babies and children, mild to moderate dehydration can easily happen, particularly if the child has diarrhea or is vomiting.

When my daughter had diarrhea, the first thing I did was to make her drink plenty of water and eat food high in water like fruits and vegetables.  But since she really felt weak, I knew that she needed more than just water to energize her body.  So I made her take oral rehydration salts (ORS) to replace fluid and electrolytes.  Sadly, my daughter was not a fan of the taste of the ORS I bought.  It was stressful to see my child feeling so sick and trying to endure the unpleasant taste of electrolyte solution.

Good thing I learned about Vivalyte, an electrolyte drink manufactured by Taisho Pharmaceuticals.  It’s a delicious drink that helps maintain good hydration.  I didn’t have a hard time at all making her take this rehydration solution.

What’s great about Vivalyte?

Tastes Good
Even picky children will enjoy the yummy apple flavor of Vivalyte. My daughter enjoyed the drink as if it was just your ordinary fruit juice

Can be taken as daily drink
Vivalyte works not just in preventing dehydration when my child is sick. It’s also a delicious drink for my daughter when she’s actively playing, especially during hot weather. It has vital electrolytes that maintain good hydration needed for day-to-day body functions.

Good for the health
As Vivalyte contains nutrients such as Sodium, Potassium, and Dextrose, it helps boost my child’s health and vitality.

Ready to drink 
Vivalyte drink is perfect for moms and kids on the go. There’s no need to mix it with water. I even bring one when we’re traveling because aside from the fact that it’s “ready to drink”, it comes in a compact container that easily fits in my toddler’s travel bag. I just twist the cap and let my child drink from the container through a straw.

Can be taken by adults
It’s good to buy this electrolyte drink because it’s good for everyone in the family.

I’m thankful that I no longer stress over keeping my family properly hydrated, especially during hot days or when unwell.  With proper water intake and a little help from Vivalyte Electrolyte Drink, good hydration is certainly achievable.
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