Benefits of Drinking Anchor’s Whole Milk

Full cream milk for Bella, Low fat milk for Mama
Choosing from an array of popular milk brands is part of any mom’s grocery shopping experience. Though it may seem basic, I honestly found this part of motherhood a bit confusing before. What’s the deciding factor when selecting a milk brand for the little ones? These are all milk anyway. 

I’m thankful that I received guidance from Anchor Milk on what to look for in a milk based on a nutritional point of view. Not all milk products out there are the same! Anchor, a trusted brand that has been providing pure and natural dairy goodness to millions of families around the world for over 100years, promotes the right nutrition for children through whole milk. My entire family has been trusting Anchor ever since I was a child and now that I am a mom myself.

So why do we choose Anchor over other milk brands? Anchor’s whole milk has a myriad of benefits that other milk products with additives and substitutes do not deliver.

Naturally rich in disease-fighting antioxidants
Anchor milk is produced by Fonterra, a co-operative owned by 10,500 farming families in New Zealand.  The cows living in the lush green farms of New Zealand are 100% grass-fed, which means that Anchor milk products are naturally rich in disease-fighting antioxidants.

Easy to absorb calcium
Whole milk has less fillers.  Thus, calcium in the milk is more “bioavailable”, which simply means that the body can absorb the calcium in whole milk more easily than calcium in other milk brands containing less natural dairy.

High-quality protein
Whole milk provides high-quality protein that has all essential amino acids for faster growth and development.

So the next time we feel a bit overwhelmed in choosing milk for our little ones, we should bear in mind the benefits our children can get from drinking whole milk.

When it comes to providing natural and whole dairy nutrition, Anchor is a trusted name around the world.  There is a variety of Anchor milk products that are all made from whole milk.  This includes Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder, Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk, Anchor Low Fat UHT Milk, and Anchor Family Milk Choco. Visit to know more.
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