Ju-Ju-Be Bags and My New BFF

August 03, 2018

Traveling with a baby and toddler even for just a short trip to the mall or to the park would mean bringing so much stuff and I admit that I am no light packer. Thus, I went on a search for the perfect baby bag.

For baby bags, I fell in love with the Ju-ju-be because of its function and style. However, most people think that the designs are the main reason why the Ju-ju-be bags have been a hit. But for me, the designs are just the tip of the iceberg and I can share with you 10 real reasons why it is such a great baby bag.

10 Reasons Why Ju-ju-be is a Great Baby Bag

1. It is Machine Washable. Yes! No need need for extraordinary means to clean this.

2. It has a Mommy Pocket. This pocket is spacious and has all the pockets to accommodate mom stuff. There's no need to bring a mommy bag.

3. It uses Metal Hardware. It doesn't rust. (Even if you wash it!)

4. It is made of Teflon Treated Fabric. The fabric repels stains (milk, chocolate - it can be removed with the help of baby wipes!)

5. It has Light Colored Linings. You can easily see the items inside. The designs are also very stylish!

6. It has Agion Treated Linings. Molds and mildew won't be able to "grow" in the bag. Thanks to this treatment!

7. It has Smart Pockets. It has a lot! Zippered? Non-zippered? This bag has all of it!

8. It includes Memory Foam Changing Pads. It is so soft and not the thin ones that usually comes free with regular nappy bags.

9. It has Insulated Bottle Pockets. It keeps drinks either hot or cold. No need to get a separate container!

10. It has Crumb Drains. It has little holes at the bottom of the back pockets, so moms can easily remove the crumbs out.

For short day trips, my Ju-ju-be bag of choice is the Ju-ju-be BFF. Like a real BFF, it has been very helpful and supportive to all my needs as a mom when it comes to packing stuff.

The Shoreline print is versatile as it fits so many color combinations and even prints! It even fits dads so well.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I love the Ju-ju-be BFF?
1. It can be worn as backpack or as a messenger bag.
2. It has a lot of inside and outside pockets for organization.
3. It is big enough for the essentials of my children for a short day trip.

Wondering how I arranged the Ju-ju-be BFF with our day trip essentials? I neatly packed the needs of a breastfeeding baby, a very active bottle fed toddler and an on-the-go mommy in just one BFF bag.

Non-zippered outside pockets: The BFF has back pocket which fits the diaper changing pad perfectly and two insulated pockets on each side for feeding/water bottles.

Zippered front pockets: 
The small zippered front pocket is a cellphone pocket. It fits big phones like my Samsung S9. The big zippered front pocket serves as a dedicated space for mommy essentials such as rosary, keys, make-up, shades and purse.

Inside pockets: 
There are four non-zippered inside pockets which can fit snacks, drinks, bibs and feeding bottles. There are also 3 zippered inside pockets which can contain clips, hairties, extra plastic and wash cloth/burp cloth. 


The main compartment: 
This is large enough to contain 1 bag organizer (filled with 2 set of clothes, 3 pieces of toddler nappies, 3 pieces of baby nappies, 1 baby wipes pack, 1 swaddle and 2 bonnets), 1 pouch (which contains a diaper spray, mosquito repellent lotion/patches, alcohol, cologne, thermometer, medicines and bandaids), 1 milk container and 1 breastfeeding cover. 

I also attach a Pacipod in my BFF where I put my cellphone charger.

Do you want a Ju-ju-be for yourself too? Check out www.ceoemporium.com, the authorized retailer of Ju-ju-be bags in the Philippines.

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