#MomGear: Haenim UV Sterilizer

October 02, 2018

With all the technological advancements and innovations, I must say that moms at this age are very lucky as there are a lot of gadgets available that aim to make things easier and faster for all of us. One gear that have proven very helpful to me for the past 6 months is the Haenim UV Sterilizer.

The Haenim UV sterilizer "disinfects and kills bacteria from objects with the use of UV light or ultraviolet rays. UV light is channeled and used in breaking molecular bonds between the micro-organism DNA of bacteria which disrupts its cellular functions to effectively kill germs."

As a user of the usual steam sterilizer, switching to Haenim UV Sterilizer made a big difference in my life. Aside from effectively killing 99.9% of germs, here are 5 reasons why I will continue to use the Haenim UV Sterilizer and forget about the old school way of sterilizing.

1. It is very easy to use and maintain. No complex instructions to follow. No need to set-up.
 A Haenim UV Sterilizer is literally plug and play. All you have to do is to put the items inside, just how you would do it in a dish dryer, then plug the sterilizer and press the AUTO button to start the process. Unlike the steam sterilizer, there is no need to put water in a Haenim UV Sterilizer. There is also no need to clean it. A little dry wiping may be done if there are water spills inside and if there is accumulated dust outside.

Sleek and stylish design that can fit any countertop or kitchen rack.

2. It has a built-in dryer. No need to air-dry separately.
Using the Haenim UV Sterilizer is the faster way to get ready-to-use feeding bottles and breastpump. There is no need to dry the stuff separately which for me is one of the amazing features I like best since it saves me a lot of time. It also prevents me to fast track the drying process by wiping it (which is where the germs usually come in since it does not ensure that the bottles are completely dry or if the wipe cloth used is really clean). With this sterilizer, after the set-time which is usually 30 minutes for AUTO function,  you already have ready-to-use bottles that are really dry and sanitized. I particularly like that it gives the bottles a warm to touch feel. The temperature is also preset which prevents overheating, burning and scalding.

Auto function is on for 30 minutes which includes drying and UV sterilizing.

There is also an option to just use just one function.
3. It also serves as a storage container. No need for additional drying racks.
Since the container literally stays dry, I can store the sterilized items inside. This saves space at the same time guarantees the cleanliness of the baby stuff. The sterilizer also has a function to automatically sterilize the items stored every several hours.

Red light means drying function is on.

4. It is a smart sterilizer. No need to physically be in front of it to operate it.
You know how you cannot do some chores anymore when you get stuck with the baby? This sterilizer can be operated with the use of any cellphone via the Haenim app. So even while you are lying down with the baby or playing with your toddler, it can be turned on with just a click of a button.

Screenshot of the Haenim app

5. It goes beyond sterilizing feeding bottles and nipples. No need for a separate sterilizer for other items.
Since this sterilizer uses UV light, a lot of items that cannot be sterilized using steam can now be sterilized. Since it is a spacious sterilizer (the biggest in the market!), household items that need sanitizing like plates, glasses, spoons and forks can also be sterilized. This is extremely helpful to prevent diseases from spreading from one member of the family to another. It can also be used to sanitize every day tools such as the toothbrush, nail clippers, toys, remote control and even our cellphones.

Blue light means UV light is on and killing all those germs!
All these benefits make a Haenim UV Sterilizer a totally worth it investment. It is a mom gear that can be used not just by moms with babies but for the long-term in all stages of motherhood.

If you are interested to know more about this product, visit the Haenim Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/haenim.ph/

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