Why Parents Need to Make Time for Weekend Play with Kids

October 17, 2018

My husband and I are both working so come hump day, we are both too excited to fast forward to the weekend! It’s time away from work and the perfect time to have some fun with my two kids. To make the most out of the weekend, we usually make a game plan on the activities that we will do. Since my children are still small, our game plan consists of interactive play like singing, dancing and playing catch, simple board games, and the classic hide and seek. Then we make sure that we have a good snack so as not to make the kids #hangry (hungry and angry at the same time!).

But did you know that there's actually a wealth of benefits that come from spending quality time through play during weekends with the kids.

Weekend play is healthy
This is very easy to understand as play involves a lot of movement physically. Imagine just sitting down for 8 hours a day on your work desk. Physical play with my two kids is my way to reduce stress as well as to exercise my inactive muscles. It is also the easiest way to make-up for the lost bonding time with kids due to work.

Weekend play is a learning opportunity.
Playing games with my kids develops their motor and communication skills. My 3 year old learns how to communicate and reason out while my 7 month old learns how to crawl, stand and interact.

Weekend play teaches them how to deal with others
It helped me to introduce to my three year old the concept of sharing her toys to her little sister. It also helped her learn the concept of taking turns, of losing and winning. 

Weekend play gives them the best role model. 
I would often see my child pick-up and imitate how I talk and act so playtime is the best time to actually be a good role model. That is how to behave when losing; the practice of patience and perseverance when you cannot get it right; the introduction of healthy competition and the cheerfulness when someone else wins.

I also noticed that play and food work well together in making a memorable weekend. My kids are not at all cranky when well fed. So I make sure that we do have small breaks in between playtime to snack on treats, such as Lemon Square Fun Square. This snack is made with fresh ingredients, and can be enjoyed in many fun ways—warmed in the oven, drizzled with toppings, or just eaten straight out of the pack. My three year old daughter and husband especially love the Butterscotch flavor while my favorite is the Brownie flavor. 

So go ahead and make time for weekend play, mommies! Remember, they are only little once so make the most out of the precious time with them. 

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