Honestbee Christmas Offerings: Your Last-Minute Shopping Lifesaver

December 22, 2018

Going on a last minute Christmas shopping? I can just imagine the full parking lots, crowded malls, heavy traffic and long lines. But with the help of technology, thankfully, I can now shop online for my holiday needs without leaving the comfort of my own home and my two clingy babies. One app that has been my go-to and lifesaver for many instances is the Honestbee App. This holiday season, Honestbee has a good selection of Christmas offerings and using it freed me from experiencing the crazy holiday rush.

Here are 7 Honestbee Christmas offerings which you can avail of:

1. Lechon

General's Lechon!!!
2. Ham and Queso de Bola

CDO Ham and Danes Cheese

3. Bibingka, Puto Bumbong and kakanin

Sally's Homemade Kakanin

4. Food Platters

Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi

Bagnet FTW!!!

Cyma food platters

Aling Banang's platter
5. Cakes, ice cream and sweets

Cuerva cakes
Fog City ice cream
Karabella ice cream
Nic's cakes and pastries
Sweets from Valerie's Kitchen
Custaroons by Gigi Gaerlan
Ann Puno's Pistachio cake
Pastries from What's Cookin' Kitchenette

6. Gift baskets

Robinson's Supermarket gift baskets
S&R gift baskets
7. Gift Ideas

Unique items from Hobbes and Landes
Plushies from Plush and Play
Gift sets from Shop Central

Download the Honestbee app now too see the Honestbee Christmas Offerings section for a complete list of merchants. You can make your orders now and choose the best delivery date for you. I recently ordered ham and queso de bola and I am inclined to order our entire noche buena feast through Honestbee too to save time and to focus more on my family.

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