Absolute, Millennial Moms PH: In Trusting Your Children’s Choices

February 22, 2019

When we give birth to a child, we shower them with unconditional love and we celebrate small and big wins one after another. That baby becomes the apple of our eyes, the focus of all things and a mom's world seems to revolve around the little baby. But as months and years pass by, we, moms, tend to be more clingy than ever as we find our baby having a life of their own. Suddenly, the baby we once cuddled to sleep doesn't want to sleep beside us anymore. She would prefer to eat on her own and would proudly show us that she can already dress herself. As she goes to school, we would feel that she has become more independent and moment after moment, we find our little baby needing us less.  

I am not ready to let go yet! That's the silent cry of moms but we all just need to learn to let go and be happy with our growing baby. Our baby is slowly becoming a toddler, a kid, an ate or kuya, a school child, a teenager and so on. Oh they really just don’t stop growing. But one thing we should always remember is that our children needs our absolute love and not the clingy type of love. The love we give should make them confident, happy and ready to face the realities of life - a love that will keep them going through life. 

A huge part of loving purely, truly and absolutely is teaching our children to grow in freedom and trust. That trust should come from us first as manifested in our actions. They should learn it through experience as we trust them in small, day to day decision-making while they are young and slowly in bigger things as they grow and mature. Our challenge is to give them the right criteria to always refer to whenever they make their own decisions freely. We cannot and should not dictate what is best for our child. That's not absolute love; in fact that is not love. Let us all give pure and absolute love that trusts and respects freedom. If we are successful in doing this, our children will be able to enjoy life more and will be able to overcome any challenges they may face in the future. 

Millennial Moms PH were so touched with the Absolute Distilled Water: #PureLoveTrusts video that features Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and her children as they can very much relate to her situation. Here are some of their comments on the touching video as they learn to let go and trust their growing children: 

"I look at my daughter everyday and I can't imagine letting her go. But thinking of my mom who raised us alone, like her, I know that I just have to trust God on whatever His plan is for my child." - Mommy Miriam Isla-Evangelista 

"Ours is quite the clingy type of love. But as she grows up, I must instill in her the type of independence that will allow her to explore and discover on her own and still now that at the end of the day, we still have each other. No matter what she encounters, she will always have my absolute love for her." - Mommy Shane Cuison Baniel 

"As moms, we need to balance how we hold on and let go of things relating to our children. They need to see that as they grow older, our trust also grows with them. But they also have to see that no matter what, our love is always shown." - Mommy Jinky Santos-Addun 

"We have to trust our child in the things they want to do and we'll be there to guide them properly giving them our never ending love and care." - Mommy Marycor Molina-Valencia 

Mommies, the struggle is real. I too can relate having a 3 year old who talks and reasons out like an adult and an 11 month old baby who is growing too fast and would not want my assistance as she learns how to walk. But maybe we can just follow the footsteps of our parents who loved us and trusted us as we make our decisions. Just imagine if our parents did not trust us. We wouldn't feel happy and loved right?! We can do this! Our love should evolve as our children grow, as we ourselves become more mature, to a love that is more noble and true. Let's plant the seeds of a love that is pure and absolute in the hopes of raising a person who has the ability to make good and morally upright decisions. By then, we hope would be able to say that we have done it right, that we have really loved.

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