#MomApproved: Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

February 22, 2019

When I had my first baby, I would casually hear a suggestion from my parents and other experienced moms not to invest so much on baby stuff as the babies easily outgrow it. Well, after having two babies, I can attest that this statement is true. So to get more value for my hard earned money, I learned to invest on toys and gears that can be used longer by my children. When I say longer, it means that it should be something that they can find useful or enjoyable for a longer time and it should be able to withstand years of usage.

I particularly like the Fisher-Price brand, not only because I grew up knowing the brand, but because their products have been tried, tested and proven to be made of safe and high-quality materials. I also like that Fisher-Price always comes up with age-specific products that help the child develop ones sensory and gross motor skills. Lastly, I like that Fisher-Price products are reasonably priced. The products last for years making the investment even more worth it. Bella's Fisher-Price toys are now being used by Eliza.

One Fisher-Price product that I really like is the Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker.

Why I like it?

1. It grows with the baby. 
The rocker can be used from newborn to toddler age. That would be an approximate 3 years plus usage for each child which makes it a great investment. It is something that can be used by the succeeding babies as well. And since I have two children, an 11 month old and  a 3 year old, this rocker is something that they both use at present.

2. It converts from a stationary chair to a rocking chair.
For my 11 month old Eliza, I use it as a stationary chair. This prevents her from accidentally falling due to the rocking motion.

Ate Bella, my 3 year old, on the other hand loves using it as a rocking chair. She finds the rocking motion too relaxing and amusing for her.

I like that all I need to do to convert it from a stationary chair to a rocking chair is to pull the four legs down.

3. It serves as my child's own safe and happy space.

The rocker sparks joy as it is covered with a very colorful and vibrant pad which makes it very attractive to my children. The moment I set-up the chair, the two kids are automatically drawn to it. A plus is that the cute pad is machine-washable so I need not worry too much just in case the pad gets dirty.

It also has a removable toy arch that has two toy links that always captures the attention of Eliza. Since Bella is older, I remove the toy arch to give her more space to move. Good thing, it can be easily adjusted to suit the different needs of my children.

In terms of safety, the rocker comes with a 3 point seat belt which prevents the baby from falling off the chair. This is a good thing because nursery chairs which are usually stools does not come with a safety feature.

The rocker can also be reclined if the baby wants to take a nap or sleep. It facilitates correct posture for the baby. It can again be adjusted to a seating position when the baby is awake and playing.

And lastly, my fave feature of this rocker is the vibration mechanism. If you lay down a sleeping baby and activate the vibration motion, it makes the baby sleep even more as she feels that she has company. The vibration also soothes and calms the baby which results to a longer and deeper sleep.
P.S. Did you know that aside from toys and gears, Fisher-Price also has shoes for babies and toddlers?

Like the other Fisher-Price products, the shoe designs are so cute and made of high-quality materials. It is extremely comfortable and safe for use by our little ones. 

The shoes has a memory foam insole for superior comfort of our baby's little feet. It has a stitched outsole to make it more durable and it provides a flexible heel support to ensure the safety of our beginner walkers.

To those who want to buy Fisher-Price toys and gears, shop online at Kids Company to make sure that you are buying authentic ones via this link: bit.ly/FPKidsCompany.

Do follow @FisherPriceSEA and @RichwellClubPh in Instagram for updates and promos.

Fisher-Price shoes are also available at the SM Department Store - Children's Shoes Section.

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