Three New, Innovative and Energy Efficient Appliances from Whirlpool

As millennial moms, we are very lucky to be exposed to a lot of modern gears and technology. Gone are the days when we have to worry that a certain appliance is causing the spike in one's electricty consumption as appliances now have become more energy efficient. They even specify how much electricity they consume and can even prove the savings consumers can get.

Whirlpool and Excellence Appliance Technologies, Inc. (Exatech) recently introduced three new products in the Philippines. These products are not only revolutionary in terms of its cutting edge and unique features but also in terms of energy efficiency. The Whirlpool appliances got a seal of approval for being energy-efficient from no less than the Manila Electric Company (Meralco).

Here are the 3 new, innovative and energy-efficient products from Whirlpool:

MWP 305 Vancouver Microwave Oven
Made Not Just to Re-Heat Food

This microwave oven is built with an integrated handle and touch-screen design. which makes it easy to operate for first-time users. It has a 30-liter capacity including the grill and steam function that makes it flexible for all types of cooking needs.

Bloomwash Inverter Plus Washing Machine
Made to Thoroughly Clean Even Nasty Germs

This washing machine is powered by a Zen Direct Drive Inverter Technology that allows a quiet yet high wash performance and ensures high energy savings. It has a Hot Wash feature that heats up water up to 45 degrees Celsius to remove different types of stubborn stains and allergens. This feature was even proven to lower the bacterial count after just one wash cycle by laboratory testings.

Quattro French Door Refrigerator
Made to Store More Food and Keep it Fresh

This refrigerator is equipped with Whirlpool's patented 6th Sense Technology that enables it to maintain the optimal environment for food stock. The Fresh Lock automatically adjusts temperature to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables while the Freeze Lock reduces freezer burns. It also has a FlexiFreeze compartment that allows the user to select from three different temperature levels depending on the food to be stored.

"We are happy to see that Whirlpool is always warmly welcomed here in the Philippines. The products are meant to increase the comfort and security of every Filipino. It's our goal to provide energy efficiency along with the high quality performance that Whirlpool has been know for over 100 years." says Mr. Blanco Wong, Whirlpool Southeast Asia Managing Director.

The latest Whirlpool Microwave Oven, BloomWash Inverter Plus Washing Machine and Quattro French Door Refrigerator is now available to the public through all leading appliance stores nationwide. Visit for more information.

Don't you just wish to have these products in your very own home?


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