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June 01, 2019

We are halfway through the year once again! Time really flies and this June, my eldest daughter will go to school for the very first time. I am excited for my daughter at the same time nervous of this new phase our family will experience. I can't believe that my husband and I will say hello to another adulting milestone again!

So after fixing her enrollment, I went school-supplies shopping. I was so giddy to go back-to-school shopping as I reminisced my younger years when my sister and I would go from aisle to aisle in search for the best school supplies. It was the one of the best memories of my childhood.

As soon as I stepped-in National Book Store, our go-to bookstore, I was so amazed at how it gives the same happy feels and good vibes but in a more organized manner. I was so surprised to see that back-to-school shopping is now very easy and convenient most especially to working moms like me.

I loved that National Book Store created a Back-to-School zone, which was very easy to locate, that literally has all the back-to-school supplies your child needs in just one place. There was no need for me to go around the bookstore looking for items. Everything was well organized, labeled and categorized even according to the grade level or type of supply (e.g. paper, art, coloring materials). There was even a checklist of school essentials made available for moms to refer to.

I also loved that they have all the items your child needs in school. They have a good roster of quality and trusted brands. They even offered several options that will suit different types of budget. 

National Book Store Finds
My favorite find is the Grab and Go packs as it is a no-brainer for me. It has all the items needed at a discounted rate. It makes shopping very fast and convenient for me. It even offers an added value for the customer which is additional savings.

Must-Buy Items
Aside from the usual school supplies, the products that are essential for me and my kids to have are the hygiene kits and anti-dengue packs. The hygiene kit includes a hand sanitizer, alcohol and even soap while the anti-dengue pack contains a mosquito repellent and mosquito patches. These are very essential to keep us healthy and to prevent us from getting ill or to spread contagious illness to others.
Back-to-School Shopping Tips

1. Shop early. Don't cram or shop the weekend before the first day of school.

2. Have a list ready. Check with the school what items are needed to be bought to avoid forgetting an essential item.

3. Consider shopping during the weekday instead of a weekend.

4. If they are old enough, bring your kids and let them choose their own school supplies. One of the fondest memories I have as a child was school supply shopping - when I had to go through all the notebooks, test pens and pick colors of scissors etc. Your child will surely love the experience and it also lessens the problem of your child not wanting the design or item you chose.

5. Remember the previous year's experience. How many times did you buy an eraser or a folder? What school supply did you not have then but needed it? Include the items and quantity in your list. Stock up on items that are always needed.

6. Buy in bundles as items become cheaper when bought in bulk or in sets.

7. Shop with a mom friend so you can exchange tips and best buys.

Aside from shopping for your child, you may also opt to help the less fortunate by donating to Project Aral. All you need to do is to buy a Project Aral Kit for only Php30 and give one child in need of some school essentials.

Head to National Book Store now and do your back-to-school shopping ahead of the others. They have a Back-to-School zone where everything back-to-school related is placed strategically. They want to make it fast, easy and convenient for us by offering complete, quality and affordable Grab and Go bundle packs. Back-to-school shopping need not be expensive. National Book Store has a wide range of quality product options for every price point and budget.

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