Rainy Season Laundry Hacks

August 03, 2019

It is the rainy season once again and for most of us, it has been quite a challenge to keep our newly washed clothes from having the kulob smell. It may be due to a number of reasons like drying indoors and washing clothes at night. Without the help of Mr. Sun, our newly washed clothes usually end up smelling bad as clothes tend not to dry properly. It can be very frustrating as we still have a million tasks in our never ending to do list. Most of the time, we or worse our family members end up using the kulob-smelling clothes and we are very much aware that it is not at all a good and healthy practice. Moms should be the first one to say no to kulob-smelling clothes.

Here are some hacks I personally tried to have fresh smelling clothes during the rainy season:

1. Wring the Clothes Properly
If you are handwashing your clothes, it would be great to squeeze most of the water from the clothes before hanging them. I usually even ask my husband to help me wring the clothes as he can do it better than me.

2. Hang Clothes in A Highly Ventilated Area
After washing, hang clothes in a highly ventilated area most especially when you hang it indoors. I usually support it with electric fans to speed up drying.

3. Use a dryer
You may also consider investing on a clothes dryer that is fast-drying. This way, it really ensures that the water in the clothes have been removed. Sometimes, I go to the laundromat to utilize their fast-drying machines. 

4. Always Put a Fabric Conditioner that can #KabogAngKulob
Fabric conditioner does not only make clothes soft. Downy Kontra Kulob, fabric conditioner has 20x antibac power that removes the kulob-smelling germs. It also guarantees the clothes to have long lasting freshness even when dried indoors. When I discovered this, I was truly amazed with how effective this is. Now, I am too dependent on Downy Kontra Kulob to fight-off bad smell. When I use, it is like my clothes dried during the warm heat of the summer - no kulob at all.

5. Be Patient with the Drying Process
Don't rush the drying process. During the rainy season, clothes drying require a longer time. I even make sure not to put damp clothes in a hamper or closetI usually touch the seam and the thicker parts of the clothes to check if it completely dried out. 

What about you? What are your rainy day laundry hacks?


  1. Sobrang laking tulong po talaga ni downy kontra kulob dahil dito naiiwasan naten na mangamoy kulob ang mga damit lalo na kung Hindi naarawan. Kaya switch na ko sa #downykontrakulob

  2. Very helpful for mommies this rainy season! Amazing product!

  3. Some of the hacks i usually does when rainy season is squeezing the clothes i washed then put it properly with a high ventilated place . Ensuring that the clothes i washed would have enough space to hang and dry quickly.
    Thank you mommy dette for sharing us some of your laundry hacks .

  4. Thank you sa tips mommy Dette true po nakaka iyak pag maglalaba ka na mangangamoy kulob lang.Kaya malakinh tulong po ang inyong tips! Thank you.

  5. Same gayo momsh Dette, i use fast dryer sometimes i even spin it twice in the dryer �� and yes, i always use fabric conditioner and just reently when i saw your first post about the new Kontra Kulob from Downy, i bought sachets right away from the sari-sari store near me and yes i agree... mabango and totally hindi amoy kulob once the clothes are dried from indoor. Very helpful itoa atin mga mommies. Thank you for this blog.

  6. Sobra nakaka amaze tlaga ang Ariel at nakakatanggap Invisible Stain Kaya sa mga hindi p Jan nag Ariel na akyo sulit pera nyo dto kasi sobra nakakalinis ng damit una gamit kpalng na amaze ako sa resulta

  7. Anu b yan natutulog pa ata ako puro utak k Ariel ,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚✌️puro Ariel kasi nasa wall karieltuloy nacomment k dto πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œNew Downy iwas kulob is the best 5laga kasi lalo ngaun tag-ulan perfect siya.bagay to sa mga studyante na pumapasok at d gaanu natutuyo ang mga labahin unwanted try this sachet

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