#MomDiscovery: Downy DETERGENT

October 08, 2019

Downy D-E-T-E-R-G-E-N-T. Yes, you read that right. Our favorite fabric conditioner brand, Downy, now has a detergent. For millennial mommies like me who swears by the astounding efficacy of Downy as fabric conditioner, this announcement of Downy having a detergent line is great news as it finally completes our laundry essentials.

The first time I heard about the Downy Detergent, a question popped into my mind. Do I still need to use Downy Fabric Conditioner with the new Downy Detergent? After researching, I found out that the answer is a big YES!!! Why? Simply because a fabric conditioner works differently from a detergent. A detergent cleans and removes dirt while a fabric conditioner softens, freshens and prevents color fading and stretching of fabric.

So, what is it to love about the new Downy Detergent:

1. Downy Detergent effectively removes dirt making clothes sparkling clean.

2. Downy Detergent has perfume boosters that ensures long lasting freshness.

Those pink merengue looking beads are the perfume boosters!
3. Downy Detergent has a superior cleaning formula and a fragrance of perfume that mixes well and works efficiently with my favorite Downy Fabric Conditioner.  Downy Detergent is the most compatible cleanser for the Downy Fabric Conditioner. Using both results to extremely clean and fragrant newly washed clothes.

With the new Downy Detergent, I am more than excited to do our laundry. But during days when you feel challenged to do it, here are some tips I would like to share to make laundry time an enjoyable and productive time.

1. Schedule your laundry day. Anticipate toxic days or weeks. Schedule it at the time you would be more available to do so. Should you expect a very loaded week, try seeking third party help such as laundromats.

2. Prewash stained clothes. Heavily stained clothes should not stay in the laundry basket to dry. It would be better to pretreat stains the moment the clothes get it. It would be easier to remove new stains by prewashing it than a stain that has completely dried out for days.

3. Sort your laundry. Combine like colors to avoid accidental staining and discoloration. Combine similar clothes and fabrics too in order to easily identify the machine setting to use (gentle for delicate clothes; strong for jeans and heavy fabrics).

4. Prepare the garments. Close the zippers, unfold the sleeves and pants, close the velcro snaps and empty the pockets. This step will prevent delays or accidents in washing the clothes.  

5. Use a compatible detergent and fabric conditioner. I suggest for you to try the NEW Downy Detergent and the Downy Fabric Conditioner for a sparkling clean and really good smelling clothes that can last.

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