Kiddie Me Time is The New Mom-Child Bonding Time

December 11, 2019

Playing with our kids is an essential task parents should always make time for. In my little growing family, we make sure to allot kiddie me time bonding on a daily basis most especially on weekends.

My eldest daughter loves to sing, dance, play-pretend, draw and paint. In all these, I make sure to watch, join or simply be there beside her when she wants me too. Out of all the activities she likes doing, painting easily became our favorite mother-daughter bonding moment. Maybe because it is a chill activity that allows conversation and connection.

I am amazed at how our kind of play and games level up everytime. Sometimes, I would hear her say, "That's for babies" and "I am not a baby anymore". I can't help but be a bit emotional to see her grow so fast. But it also gives me so much joy to see her as an active, well-rounded and talented girl.

Good thing, I discovered the perfect food supplement, Fern Kiddimin, that makes sure she has all the essential nutrients she needs as a growing and active girl. It keeps her mind and body to always be in an energized, healthy and cheerful disposition.

FERN Kiddimin is an orange-flavored food supplement syrup which contains essential vitamins and amino acids (chrorella, taurine, and lysine) for kids. These essential nutrients help bring out the best in every kid.

FERN Kiddimin equips kids with a well-rounded nutrition:
  1. To support mental quickness, it has Taurine and Vitamin A. 
  2. To help stimulate a healthy appetite,it has Vitamin B Complex and Lysine. 
  3. To strengthen bones and muscles, it has Vitamin D. 
  4. To assist in growth, it has Chlorella. 
Check out #FernKiddimin to see how it can help improve the #FernKiddiminute in your family. It is available in selected drugstores nationwide such as Watsons, Southstar, Rose Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drug, Negros Grace Pharmacy.

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