Holy Week Resources for Catholic Mamas at this time of COVID19

April 08, 2020

The COVID19 crisis really made us more prayerful. We've seen ourselves putting our hope and trust in the Lord to give us better days and to see the good in the current situation we are in. Some of those who are not so prayerful find themselves talking and asking God for help. 

Since it is also Lent, I found myself wanting to set a different tone for this Holy Week. Though we've been slowing down and focusing on what really matters in the past weeks, I found myself wanting to tell everyone that "Hey, you should spend the Holy Week differently." It should not just be another week in quarantine. But a sacred and blessed week as we remember the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

So to help all the moms out there to live Holy Week the way it should be given that we cannot go out, I would like to list down the things you can do and the resources that will facilitate you to do it from home. I really hope you find within you the urge to have a real conversation with Our Lord and to realize once again how great God's love is for all of us.

2. Video: Visit the tomb of Jesus Christ (2 minutes)

3. Video: Pray the Stations of the Cross (22 minutes)

4. Video: Visita Iglesia to 7 Basilicas in Rome (13 minutes)

5. Points for Reflection: Meditate on the Paschal Mystery 

Here are other things you can do and the resources that you might find helpful: 

1. Reflect on the Full Text of Pope Francis' "Urbi et Orbi" Meditation - Pope Francis prayed at St. Peter's Square for the pandemic to end in front the miraculous crucifix and image of Our Lady. The Pope was alone praying but was accompanied by millions of Catholics all over the globe through social media.

2. Pray for the Sick - Let us all pray for the sick most especially for those who are in pain and alone. 

3. Obtain Plenary Indulgence - You can obtain plenary indulgences in many ways for the duration of the COVID19 pandemic. Read more to know how.

4. Spend Holy Week in Rome with the Pope - Be united with the Pope as he celebrate the Holy Week rites in Rome

5. Make a Deep Examination of Conscience - Unburden yourself and find peace by repenting and asking for forgiveness

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! Know that I am praying for all of you and your intentions most especially on this blessed week.

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