Keeping Clothes Soft and Safe for my Kids with Downy Hypoallergenic and a GIVEAWAY

I used to think that using fabric conditioner for my kids’ clothes is a big no-no. While I really wanted to try it to freshen and soften clothes, I was hesitant because I know that fab con is very allergenic. It contains chemicals that might be too harsh for children’s sensitive skin.

Good thing I discovered Downy Hypoallergenic through social media. The word “hypoallergenic” in this new Downy variant gave me hope. Finally, here’s a gentle fabric conditioner that can do wonders for my kids’ clothes without irritating my little ones’ skin!

Since I was really curious if this Downy is indeed “hypoallergenic”, I decided to give it a try. I used it for my girls’ clothes, towels, blankets and bedsheets.

What I like best about Downy Hypoallergenic is that it’s dermatologically tested with 0% dyes and preservatives. This stops me from worrying about chemicals that might trigger allergic reaction on my kids. But despite having no added harmful substances, it’s amazing that Downy Hypoallergenic leaves a mild scent on clothes, making them smelling fresh after every wash.

After using Downy Hypoallergenic, I’m happy that my girls haven’t had any allergic reaction to their clothes, towels and bedding. Aside from keeping my kids safe from allergens, Downy Hypoallergenic does a great job in protecting the clothes of my girls. Just like our other trusted Downy products, Downy Hypoallergenic is really effective in conditioning the fabric. It maintains the original shape of clothes and reduces color fading.

Another great news is Downy Hypoallergenic won’t hurt our household budget. You can choose from different sizes, depending on your budget — 23mL (Php 5.00.), 36mL (Php 7.50), 690mL (Php 139.00), 1380mL (Php 275.00), and 800mL (Php 187.00). It is available in leading supermarkets nationwide and in Lazada.

I definitely recommend using Downy Hypoallergenic to my fellow moms and homemakers. It’s the fab con that we need to keep clothes soft and safe for the little ones.


Giveaway Alert: Win a DOWNY HYPO GIFTPACK!!!

Mommies who have babies and young children, this giveaway is for YOU!!!

I know most of you love using Downy like me. But when I learned about Downy Hypoallergenic which is safe and gentle to use on babies' and childrens' clothes, I was so ecstatic! I need not worry that the fabcon will irritate my children's sensitive skin as it has 0% dyes and 0% added preservatives. Ever since I used it, my children haven't experienced any irritation; only super soft and fresh-smelling clothes!!!

We will be giving away a Downy Hypoallergenic giftpack to 3 lucky mommies.

To join, all you have to do are the following:

1. Post a photo of YOU with Downy Hypoallergenic sachet or bottle and YOUR BABY and share your #BastaDownyZeroWorry story and some tips on washing your baby's clothes on your social media account.

2. Please tag @MillennialMomsPh and @DownyPhilippines and put the hashtags:

3. Kindly comment the link of your entry here:

*Please make sure your account is set to public so I can see your post.
Announcement of winners is on May 30!

Good luck mommies!!!

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