2020 up in flames: Watch Kenny Rogers Roaster’s fitting year-ender

January 01, 2021

It's the first day of 2021 but I am sure that like me, you will not forget 2020.

No one will forget 2020—the year that brought about a volcanic eruption, super-typhoons, and a global pandemic which caused everyone to rethink how they should live their lives. Set aside some silver linings, 2020 has proven itself to be universally cruel to the world and has made everyone eager to move forward from it.

But before that, we had the opportunity to let out all our emotions and say our final words about 2020, no holds barred. Last December 29, Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines took on a bold and crazy move once again by literally roasting 2020—skewering meat shaped like 2020 and setting it on fire—and documenting it on Facebook Live. Everyone figuratively and freely roasted 2020 through the comments.

Oh 2020! We can't wait to bid you goodbye, say our final words for you, and start anew with renewed hope this 2021!

“2020 was an extreme year, and we each have our own opinions on how it impacted our lives. We were locked down for months, and most of our plans had changed. Roasting 2020 was a platform for everyone to say anything they wanted and to unify the sentiments,” Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines Marketing Director Lorent Adrias said.

On top of that, those who shared their feelings received a special treat from Kenny’s. “We know that the pandemic isn’t over but we wanted to end this year with a bang, and then move on. After roasting 2020 and all its negativity, we hope that our treat would somewhat help in signaling a better year in 2021,” he added.

Watch the 2020 roast here:

May we all have a grace-filled, healthier, and safer 2021! Cheers!

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  1. Kakaiba talaga magpahalaga ang Kenny Rogers.Ang sarap naman talaga ng Chicken nila simot sarap at siguradong enjoy boung pamilya..

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