Sun Life: The Lifelong Partner You Have Been Looking For

September 11, 2021

Ever since I started working, I have been the target of insurance agents. I found them to be somewhat pushy and aggressive. But I am not generalizing that all insurance agents are like this. I am just talking based on my experience.

My past encounters led me to fear insurance agents which in effect made me veer away from insurance companies and their product offerings. I am sure that you can also relate when I say I literally hid from them. I hid maybe because not just out of fear, but also because of my unreadiness to invest and maybe lack of knowledge about the importance of investing.

But you know, as time passed by, my knowledge of investments grew. I must say that I have realized that not all insurance companies and agents/advisors are the same. I have met financial advisors, specifically those from Sun Life, that are truly willing to help and not just make a sale.

So, if you are now more open and are thinking of investing, I recommend that you find your one true investment and one real insurance partner for life.

Here are some tips that you might find useful.

1. Look for the one who FOCUSES ON YOU

Look for an insurance company that focuses on you. A company that is more customer-centric than product-centric. You can actually see this in their marketing promotions. Evaluate if they are just merely selling their products or if they provide solutions to their customers’ concerns and problems.

2. Find the one who OFFERS THE BEST VALUE

A financial advisor should be able to help you find the right solutions at any stage in your financial journey. An advisor should only offer what is best for you based on your circumstances. They should know you deeper and take your priorities and best interests to heart. They should also be caring, trustworthy, open, and accessible to you and your concerns.

3. Seek the one who will provide a LIFELONG SERVICE

A financial advisor should be able to support you every step of the way as you reach your life's milestones. They should be there with you to offer help in good times and in bad times.

Look for an advisor who can grow your money by taking care of your finances no matter how big or small it is. They should show genuine concern to help you reach your dreams and provide security for your family. They should also be able to nurture your health by providing ways on how to look after you and your family's health and well-being. And lastly, they should be able to help you prepare for an enjoyable retirement.

Guess what, mommies? I was able to find the one who can provide all these from Sun Life and their financial advisors.

I highly recommend you to consider and check out Sun Life and its product offerings through their advisors. It is an insurance company that has cared for its clients for years. They even have inspiring client-advisor testimonials to show how they have been partners for life. They have proven that they will care for their clients for life and they are willing to do the same for you and me. As Sun Life says, they will be part of your life as your partner for life!

If you also want to find your partner for life, visit For more information, visit now.



  1. All of us have a Sunlife plan too. I can say super helpful niya and hindi ka magwoworry with your future.

  2. Same here din po mommy dami po nag ooffer ng insurance the point na diko po sineseen ala po kase ako masyado alam dito pero ngayong nabasa ko po itong blog nyo consider ko po itong sun life para sa future ng mga anak namin ni hubby.

  3. We are looking forward to try it out. Twas a lifelong partner . Truly on its vision and mission towards our future plan in Life . Worry no more with Sunalife , security and how awesome it was.

  4. Thank you mommy for sharing this.. This is a bighelp for us. I love this 3 tips you mentioned above. Look for the one who fucoses on You. Find the one who offers the best value. Seek the one who will provide a lifelong service. Great dicision momsh. Thanks for the SunLife Plan.

  5. Thank you for sharing this article Mommy Dette. Mahalaga po talagang may insurance tayo, lalo na sa panahon ngayon hindi natin alam ang mangyayari. Secure tayo sa SunLife Plan, at may maganda silang service. Sure ang future natin sa SunLife��

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