January 03, 2021

Millennial Moms Ph: A Passion Project of Mommy Dette Zulueta

I realized my passion and purpose when I became a mom. After giving birth to my first child in 2015, I longed to do more in my new role and set out to make a positive impact on the lives of my fellow moms. I soon found an opportunity to do just that while searching for online support groups but finding only advocacy-based communities. While I became part of these communities, which were helpful for some time, I noticed that other moms who were not practicing or promoting the same advocacies of the groups were often criticized, bashed and shamed. 

To address mom-shaming and the need for a more open support group for moms, I established Millennial Moms Ph in November 2015. Millennial Moms Ph is a safe, respectful and supportive space that helps moms appreciate the beauty of motherhood. Moms are provided online and offline venues where they can connect with fellow moms who are more open, relatable and fun-loving. 

As a mom myself, I understand that moms need someone who could empathize with them. I rebranded and innovated the usual learning talks and sessions offered to moms and introduced mom meet-ups that were more casual—warm, personal, less intimidating and more relatable. Moms could learn not just from experts but from fellow moms, and be able to discuss with one another, have fun and even meet new friends. 

I also organized dynamic, one-of-a-kind events such as the #MOMTRIBE MEET-UPS which promote the beauty of being a mother, #PROJECTDOMESTICATION TALKS which promote love for the work in the home, #FAMILYTIME which promotes parent-child bonding through fun and play, and the CONTENT CREATORS’ GET-TOGETHER which promotes authenticity, credibility and truth in advertising. 

These in effect helped the community flourish. The events were well-attended, often filling up with attendees within a day after posting, and attracted not just moms but also brand partners such as Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, PLDT, Johnson’s Baby, Tempra, Betadine, Absolute Distilled Water, and more. They also paved the way for servant leaders as moms who wanted to help served as volunteers and even resource speakers. 

Online, the community grew organically since it began in November 2015. By the 2nd quarter of 2022, Millennial Moms Ph has 41,000 followers on Instagram and 57,000 followers on its Facebook Public page, as moms continue to leave testimonials on how they found the help and inspiration they were looking for. 

Now with my second child, I still look forward to do more for the mom community and to serve and empower more moms through meaningful and well thought out social media messages, events and projects.

Millennial Moms PH (the name and logo) is registered on the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. It is also a registered business under the company B.A.M. Zulueta Marketing Services. 


According to Weber Shandwick:
"Millennial Moms are mothers who were born between 1978 and 1994. Approximately
one in five moms (22%) is a Millennial Mom, accounting for approximately 9 million

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  1. Hi mommy Dette, pano po makaoag subscribe para po manotify pag may momtribe meet up po?

    1. Hello Mommy! We will post the schedule of the events on IG and FB.:)


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