#MomTribe Meet-Up for First-Time Moms

By Rachelle Carpio of https://wondermomma.net

With Mommy Dette Zulueta and Mommy Sue Sevilla at the recently held #MomTribe Meet-Up for First-Time Moms

Motherhood can be at times overwhelming. For a first-time mom like me who needs all the help I can get in raising a child in this day and age, finding my mom tribe consisting of millennial moms whom I can easily identify with and turn to made me all the more embrace motherhood despite of its ups and downs. Being a part of this tribe and sharing this journey with moms who have been there  and or going through the same gives me the confidence to face each challenges the day may bring knowing that I am not alone. Because the truth is, we cannot do it alone.

These days I know I’m getting better at motherhood because I have this tribe of amazing moms behind me who gives no judgment, imparts useful tried-and-tested knowledge, cheers you on and provides encouragement on those days when you feel less than stellar.

This tribe of moms form the Millennial Moms PH which holds regular #MomTribe Meet-ups. The most recent one was held last 24th June 2017 at Makansutra, SM Megamall and was attended by 35 moms.

It is organized by Millennial Moms PH and is co-presented by PLDT Home and Pampers PH. The event was made possible by the generous sponsors – The Asian Parent PH, Baby Company, Smart Steps, Bite Block Insect Repellant, Heat Press Empire, Beads of Lola and Sugar Sensation PH.

Bringing Out the Well-rounded Mom in Me through unMother’s Day at Eastwood City

By Gwen Llana-Serrano

Our children deserve the best in everything — including the best mom ever! And though we may have our own definitions of “best mom”, we all ought to work on achieving that mom goal of being the best person that we can be for our little one.

But before we can give our best self to someone else, we gotta work on keeping that well-rounded, passionate women we truly are. Let’s admit it. After the birth, it’s so easy to focus on just being a mommy — changing diapers, washing clothes, nursing babies. It’s as if the painter, the fitness enthusiast, the poet, the musician or the baker in us took an indefinite leave.

I’m grateful that on my 1st mother’s day celebration, I got an opportunity to participate in “unMother’s Day”,  a special event for moms at Eastwood City.

#MomFinds from Baby Company for Summer Travel

By Dette Zulueta 

"Every summer has a story." For me, this quote is so true most especially now that I will be spending summer with my baby Bella, a toddler who is very active, adventurous and curious. Her memory is like a sponge now thus I made it a goal to make the most of summer by bringing her to places that will make her experience and discover the wonders of life. 

To prepare for our summer trips, I immediately went to Baby Company boutique in SM Megamall to search for items that will make my life easier when traveling with my child.  Luckily, there was an on-going Baby Gear Sale that offers up to 50% off discount to select strollers, car seats and carriers
during the time I went.