Raising Confident Girls One Household at a Time

By Dette Zulueta
Apples Aberin (Unilever PR Director), Janice Villanueva (Mommy Mundo Founder), myself, Nish Ching (Millennial Moms PH Core Team Member and Mom Blogger), Neil Trinidad (Unilever Marketing Director)
Recently, I was invited to attend the #ConfidentGirl Forum organized by Dove and Mommy Mundo. As a fan of Dove's #RealBeauty campaign, I immediately confirmed my attendance and excitedly attended the forum. Little did I know that this event is life-changing for me as it opened my eyes to a reality that I was never aware of. 

The premise of this forum is that a lot of young girls nowadays have beauty anxieties and have low self-esteem and these negative feelings are caused by factors such as the media, peers, family members and unknowingly by their own mothers.

 As a mom to a 2 year old girl, I was strucked by the #confidentgirl forum. It was a wake up call for me to be more careful of my words, my example and the way I address my own beauty issues. It led me to be more mindful of this reality so as not to prompt negativity to my daughter or to any young girl. 

Jumpstart Your Pregnancy Nesting at Baby Company

Now that I am done with the queasy first trimester, my nesting instincts started to slowly kick in. I wanted to do some baby items shopping this month just before the Christmas shopping craze starts and before my tummy gets too heavy to handle.

Good thing, every month, Baby Company comes up with all sorts of promos and discount offerings that enable moms to get the most of their shopping. For this month of October, their promo is Project Nursery which is a timely offering as I prepare for the coming of baby number two.

Celebrating Halloween with your Child

As Halloween is just around the corner, millennial moms are certainly looking forward to another major festivity in the life of the little ones. As you can’t help but imagine a selfie with your child inside that cute pumpkin costume, Halloween is a great opportunity for you to come up with various exciting and creative ways to bond with your precious little one. They won’t be huggable little kids forever, so you might as well make the most of the years that you can still have fun with them the way you want to.

Halloween may also have a scary impression on some kids.  As a mom, you can correct this wrong notion by explaining to your child the real meaning of the season and by introducing him or her to fun-filled Halloween activities.  

Other than the usual trick or treat activity, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Halloween with your little one: