Why Parents Need to Make Time for Weekend Play with Kids

October 17, 2018 0 Comments

My husband and I are both working so come hump day, we are both too excited to fast forward to the weekend! It’s time away from work and the perfect time to have some fun with my two kids. To make the most out of the weekend, we usually make a game plan on the activities that we will do. Since my children are still small, our game plan consists of interactive play like singing, dancing and playing catch, simple board games, and the classic hide and seek. Then we make sure that we have a good snack so as not to make the kids #hangry (hungry and angry at the same time!).

But did you know that there's actually a wealth of benefits that come from spending quality time through play during weekends with the kids.

Weekend play is healthy
This is very easy to understand as play involves a lot of movement physically. Imagine just sitting down for 8 hours a day on your work desk. Physical play with my two kids is my way to reduce stress as well as to exercise my inactive muscles. It is also the easiest way to make-up for the lost bonding time with kids due to work.

Weekend play is a learning opportunity.
Playing games with my kids develops their motor and communication skills. My 3 year old learns how to communicate and reason out while my 7 month old learns how to crawl, stand and interact.

Weekend play teaches them how to deal with others
It helped me to introduce to my three year old the concept of sharing her toys to her little sister. It also helped her learn the concept of taking turns, of losing and winning. 

Weekend play gives them the best role model. 
I would often see my child pick-up and imitate how I talk and act so playtime is the best time to actually be a good role model. That is how to behave when losing; the practice of patience and perseverance when you cannot get it right; the introduction of healthy competition and the cheerfulness when someone else wins.

I also noticed that play and food work well together in making a memorable weekend. My kids are not at all cranky when well fed. So I make sure that we do have small breaks in between playtime to snack on treats, such as Lemon Square Fun Square. This snack is made with fresh ingredients, and can be enjoyed in many fun ways—warmed in the oven, drizzled with toppings, or just eaten straight out of the pack. My three year old daughter and husband especially love the Butterscotch flavor while my favorite is the Brownie flavor. 

So go ahead and make time for weekend play, mommies! Remember, they are only little once so make the most out of the precious time with them. 

Halloween Party in the North: #FamilyGhouls: No Tricks, ALL Treats

October 16, 2018 0 Comments

Cocoon Boutique Hotel and Hive Hotel & Convention Place are having its first-ever Halloween event, #FamilyGhouls: No Tricks, ALL treats, for the whole family this coming October 28, 2018 (Sunday). Cocoon and Hive are the country’s first ever eco-friendly deluxe boutique hotels. Trip Advisor currently ranks Cocoon as Number 1 and Hive as Number 5 among all hotels in Quezon City.

The #FamilyGhouls: No Tricks, ALL treats event aims to give each and every family member all sorts of treats on this spooktacularday throughout the different activities from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Hive Hotel & Convention Place.

With just a ticket worth Php1,000, you and your family will be able to enjoy the following:

1. Fun Family Activities for every member of the family to enjoy: inflatables; face paint; games and prizes for kids and adults; a pass in the kids’ salon where you can leave your child there for an hour; and a loot bag of goodies during trick or treating!

2. Mystery Hall where you and your older children aged 13 years old and above may solve a mystery within 15 minutes

3. Queen for the Day Pamper Session for moms and Lego Challenge Competition for dads

4. Dessert Station and Photobooth

5. A special Halloween “Bento Box” that has a spooktacular surprise (no tricks, just Halloween treats for everyone.)

You can even make the most out of Halloween in the North by availing of the Halloween Room Packages which start at P5,000 net for an overnight stay for (4) four inclusive of two (2) tickets to #FamilyGhouls - No Tricks, All Treats. Stay dates are October 27 to November 5, 2018.

You can also get 10% discount in the Halloween Room packages when you use the code: MillennialMom. Simply mention it to the reservations officer upon booking.

For more details, contact the Sales and Reservations team at:
Mobile – 0925 789 99 01 and 0925 789 99 07 to 08
Landline – 208 4748, 208 4753 or 208 4762

You may also visit www.thecocoonhotel.com or www.hivehotel.com for more information.

#StrollerSwap by Baby Company and the Joie Elevate Car Seat

October 16, 2018 0 Comments

Baby Company has launched another promo with a heart, the #StrollerSwap. The #StrollerSwap is perfect for moms who have old strollers that they want to upgrade or to those who want to buy a car seat at a discounted price.

This is such a win-win promo for Mom Card holders as it lets you to:

1. Easily dispose your old stroller
Whether this be a travel system or just a plain umbrella stroller, as long as it is usable and in good condition, you may use it for the swap.

2. Conveniently donate to charity
All strollers collected will be donated to the SM Foundation.

3. Affordably buy a new stroller or car seat at 20% off 
Get 20% discount when you buy from these participating stroller/car seat brands: Chicco, Joie, Combi, Aprica, Goodbaby, Apruva, Baby 1st, Evenflo, Giant Carrier, Graco, Looping, Maxicosi, Picolo, Pockit+, Quinny

For me, the #StrollerSwap promo came at the right time as I have been thinking of buying another carseat as my toddler and 7 month old baby have outgrown their respective car seats: A Giant Carrier Zander carseat and a Baby 1st newborn car seat. The plan is to buy a car seat for my toddler that she can use until she is older and taller. Then the Giant Carrier Zander car seat which was used by my toddler will now be used by my 7 month old baby.

Good thing we have three strollers in the house: A Baby 1st Travel System, the Babyzen Yoyo 6+ and the GB Pockit. However, we only get to use the Babyzen and the GB Pockit because both are very compact and light to carry most especially during travels. Though the Baby 1st stroller served as well, we rarely use it because it is bulky and heavy to carry around. It even takes up so much space in the car trunk.

So after discussing with my husband, we then decided to swap the good old Baby 1st stroller with a car seat. Though I was a bit sentimental about it, it felt so good to know that our well-loved stroller will be donated to those in need through the SM Foundation.

The stroller we swapped.
The donors are asked to sign on one heart to signify the donation.

I then went on a search of a car seat that would suit the needs of my growing toddler and ensure maximum protection and safety on the road. Fortunately, Baby Company has a lot of car seat options and one stroller captured by attention as it seems a perfect fit to what I need, the Joie Elevate car seat. I was able to avail of it at 20% off and it is even a better deal as the Joie Elevate car seat grows with the child and can be used for a longer time.


Here are the features of the Joie Elevate Car Seat that I really like:
1. It has a headrest that can be adjusted depending on the height of the child.
2. It has mesh sides for more ventilation.
3. It has a 5 point harness and can even be used as a belted booster seat.
4. It can be used when the child becomes heavier up to 36 kg.
5. It is so affordable. I got it for only Php 4,799.20 (Regular price is Php5,999 less 20% discount).

With the SM Fairview Baby Company team
I am thankful to Baby Company for providing us, your consumers, an opportunity to give by simply purchasing what we need. It gives spending a whole new meaning and reminds us to always think of the others most especially those families in need.

Head now to the nearest Baby Company store to see the complete stroller and car seat line-up. The #StrollerSwap promo is until October 31, 2018.

Baby Company regularly offers sales and promos, never miss a good shopping opportunity with big discounts by following Baby Company in its social media accounts:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babycompanyph/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/babycompanyph/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BabyCompanyPH

#MomGear: Babycuddle Bed

October 05, 2018 0 Comments

If you get to see a snippet in a day in a life of a newborn, you would notice that babies only do these things: Wake (to poop or play). Sleep. Breastfeed. Repeat. However, it would also be a known fact that sleep won't come in easily on babies and it would require a big effort from the mom, tons of prayer and lots of patience and perseverance to make them to at least doze off. Luckily, I discovered that co-sleeping and cuddling with my baby are effective ways to make her feel comfy, cozy and eventually fall asleep for a longer period of time.

One gear that facilitated co-sleeping and cuddling for me is the Babycuddle Bed. I have used it everyday for the past six months since I gave birth to my second baby and I am just grateful for this locally-made product for making it easier for me to take care of the baby.

Here are the main reasons why I love using the Babycuddle Bed:

1. It provides a safe place for the baby. 
The Babycuddle bed can be placed on top of the parent's bed. It provides a safe place for the baby to sleep without the risk of the parents accidentally lying down on the baby.

2. It adjusts to the size of the baby. 
It grows with the baby as it can be adjusted to be snug to make a newborn comfy and to be wider to give room for a growing baby up to two years old.

3. It can be brought anywhere.
It can be placed on top of an flat surface so during daytime, it can be placed in the living room so the mom can also multitask while still keeping an eye on the baby. It can also be used during travels as a baby's nest during hotel stays to provide the baby a familiar space to sleep in.

4. It is not just for sleeping.
It can be used for tummy time and play time. It can even be used when changing nappies.

5. It is easy to clean and maintain. 
The Babycuddle bed itself is machine washable. There is also an option to buy an extra cover so it can be easily changed and washed.

6. It is like having two designs in one.
It comes in various cute and stylish designs which would make a really good addition to any nursery or room theme. A Babycuddle bed is reversible. It comes with two unique designs, one on each side.

Check out Babycuddle Ph for more information and see how their products can help you and give you peace of mind.

#MomGear: Haenim UV Sterilizer

October 01, 2018 0 Comments

With all the technological advancements and innovations, I must say that moms at this age are very lucky as there are a lot of gadgets available that aim to make things easier and faster for all of us. One gear that have proven very helpful to me for the past 6 months is the Haenim UV Sterilizer.

The Haenim UV sterilizer "disinfects and kills bacteria from objects with the use of UV light or ultraviolet rays. UV light is channeled and used in breaking molecular bonds between the micro-organism DNA of bacteria which disrupts its cellular functions to effectively kill germs."

As a user of the usual steam sterilizer, switching to Haenim UV Sterilizer made a big difference in my life. Aside from effectively killing 99.9% of germs, here are 5 reasons why I will continue to use the Haenim UV Sterilizer and forget about the old school way of sterilizing.

1. It is very easy to use and maintain. No complex instructions to follow. No need to set-up.
 A Haenim UV Sterilizer is literally plug and play. All you have to do is to put the items inside, just how you would do it in a dish dryer, then plug the sterilizer and press the AUTO button to start the process. Unlike the steam sterilizer, there is no need to put water in a Haenim UV Sterilizer. There is also no need to clean it. A little dry wiping may be done if there are water spills inside and if there is accumulated dust outside.

Sleek and stylish design that can fit any countertop or kitchen rack.

2. It has a built-in dryer. No need to air-dry separately.
Using the Haenim UV Sterilizer is the faster way to get ready-to-use feeding bottles and breastpump. There is no need to dry the stuff separately which for me is one of the amazing features I like best since it saves me a lot of time. It also prevents me to fast track the drying process by wiping it (which is where the germs usually come in since it does not ensure that the bottles are completely dry or if the wipe cloth used is really clean). With this sterilizer, after the set-time which is usually 30 minutes for AUTO function,  you already have ready-to-use bottles that are really dry and sanitized. I particularly like that it gives the bottles a warm to touch feel. The temperature is also preset which prevents overheating, burning and scalding.

Auto function is on for 30 minutes which includes drying and UV sterilizing.

There is also an option to just use just one function.
3. It also serves as a storage container. No need for additional drying racks.
Since the container literally stays dry, I can store the sterilized items inside. This saves space at the same time guarantees the cleanliness of the baby stuff. The sterilizer also has a function to automatically sterilize the items stored every several hours.

Red light means drying function is on.

4. It is a smart sterilizer. No need to physically be in front of it to operate it.
You know how you cannot do some chores anymore when you get stuck with the baby? This sterilizer can be operated with the use of any cellphone via the Haenim app. So even while you are lying down with the baby or playing with your toddler, it can be turned on with just a click of a button.

Screenshot of the Haenim app

5. It goes beyond sterilizing feeding bottles and nipples. No need for a separate sterilizer for other items.
Since this sterilizer uses UV light, a lot of items that cannot be sterilized using steam can now be sterilized. Since it is a spacious sterilizer (the biggest in the market!), household items that need sanitizing like plates, glasses, spoons and forks can also be sterilized. This is extremely helpful to prevent diseases from spreading from one member of the family to another. It can also be used to sanitize every day tools such as the toothbrush, nail clippers, toys, remote control and even our cellphones.

Blue light means UV light is on and killing all those germs!
All these benefits make a Haenim UV Sterilizer a totally worth it investment. It is a mom gear that can be used not just by moms with babies but for the long-term in all stages of motherhood.

If you are interested to know more about this product, visit the Haenim Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/haenim.ph/