7 More Things to Do Before Baby’s Arrival

Welcoming a baby in ones home is a very exciting milestone for a family. This new addition would entail additional material necessities which need to be prepared in advance. Aside from shopping for newborn essentials and preparing the hospital bag, there are a lot more things to accomplish before the arrival of the baby.

Here are 7 more tasks that every mom should not miss doing:

Hospital Bag Checklist for the Soon-to-Pop Mama

Are all the essential items for Mommy, Daddy and Baby in your hospital bag? Your countdown to finally meeting your precious baby has begun. While you may just want to sit down and relax all the time at this point in your pregnancy, you should remember that there’s still a handful of tasks to do as preparation for your D-day. This includes preparing the stuff that should go with you on the way to the hospital.  Your hospital bag must contain the items that you will need during labor and after the birth.

When to prepare your hospital bag?
Ideally, you should start packing your stuff at least two weeks before your due date.  If you wait for crunch time before packing your things, there’s a great tendency for you to be stressed and tensed.  And as we all know, any kind of stress and tension is not good for you and your baby, especially during the last few weeks of your pregnancy.  Likewise, when you are time-pressured, you might miss out some essentials to put in your bag.  So don’t procrastinate when it comes to preparing your hospital bag.